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A massive update for Stevens Adventure. With new textures and a new level, the game is taking another step forward towards completion. Click to see more...

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Hello dear readers!
It's me, once again, Jason, here to bring you the 0.1.0 Update for Stevens Adventure! This update will add many new things into the somewhat populated world of the game. Here are some things that are now implemented into the game...

*Level 15 added, which puts an end to the Jungle levels.
*A new enemy type, which will SURELY get on someones nerves!
*WASD support! You no longer have to sit awkwardly to control the mouse and arrow keys.
*Updated textures! I just didn't want to use the Minecraft textures any longer. These WILL be improved!

And for those of you just now reading and not knowing what this game is, here is a brief description.
Stevens Adventure is a 2D platforming game that uses Platforming basics to create an enjoyable experience (that mainly results in rage quit), as in jumping on enemies to kill them, getting to the end of the level to get to the next, checkpoint system, boss levels, and so forth. The game is COMPLETELY made by me. Nobody is helping me with this project at the time. So far, via 0.1.0 Beta, this game has 15 fun levels to bust through, with many different enemy types and more bosses to come. Also, like many other platforming games out there, there is currently 1 secret area in the game that is pretty difficult to find (HINT: You have to jump in lava to get to it). I hope you check it out and enjoy Stevens Adventure Beta 0.1.0! Also, here is a short video I put together to show off the new features!

Also, to help out one of my friends from YouTube, here is a gameplay video of Stevens Adventure 0.0.9! (0.1.0 was not released when he made this)

So I hope you enjoy the game! If you find any bugs/glitches, or would like to suggest something, please feel free to leave it as a comment to this article!

Steven's Adventure

ONE LAST THING! I DO allow this game to be played and monetized on YouTube. Just leave a link to the game in the description of the video.

Steven's Adventure 0.1.0 BETA

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