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This game is not dead but i must more learning about the game engine and i working also with Blender and Gimp ! :)

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Hello everyone the last update was halb years ago i was been busy and private problem that i have had..

Here is little ask about my work !

F: You work one man Person for the game project ?

A: yes nearly my good friend help me on blueprint on unreal engine 4 and the rest i cant do it ^^

F: How much hours work you for the game project ?

A: Depends on how much i work can it but i still learning more knowledge from unreal engine 4 and i had last time private problem.

F: Working you what else ?

A:Yes i still learing and work on Blender and Gimp :)

I have new image update for the game, is not much more but i created good map with art idea :)

I hope do you enjoy it !

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