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An Australian who fucking loves his games. A massive fanboy of ID Software, Valve, and indie companies, who blogs like a crazy motherfucker.

Also, I fucking love my soft drinks.

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Taking a step back

Zombie_James Blog

While I love Game Maker and will no doubt continue to use it in the future, I figured I should take some time to get some skills under my belt. Right now I have decided to start learning Python, and that has turned out to be exceptionally easy. Considering the Hello World program most tutorials on coding get you to do, in Python it is so simple that the program itself amounts to one whole line of code. Fucking amazing.

If you're eager to learn how to code for games, you could do a hell of a lot worse than Inventwithpython.com.

Of course, that tutorial only teaches you the basics to get you going, and won't have you making great games. However, it seems to only be a short stepping stone from there to making games with it, so I'm happy.

New Computer

New Computer

Zombie_James Blog
Point A.

Point A.

Zombie_James Blog
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