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Sky Nations

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Game review - 2 agree

Can't quite give this a 10/10 because it is still a largely unfinished game. Still in what most would call "beta" most of the basic systems are firmly in place, but there's still a lot of work and tweeking to do. On it's own merrits though, it's a damn good game. Fans of Terraria will find a lot to love here, and a lot of new systems, such as researching, and power distribution have been added, making this game a well defined evolution over it's predecessors.

The reason that it at leasts gets that 9/10 is the devs. They're very active with the community, often responding to messages and making appearances on the message boards. They're also still hard at work to make the game better, releasing frequent updates. Simply said, this is a good game that only looks to get better.

The only thing it truly feels wanting of is multiplayer. While I don't think EVERY game should be multiplayer, something about the creative sandbox style just begs to be shared with friends. I won't take points away for what a game is not, but it is something for the devs to think on.

UPDATE: Wow, all this time later and what was a promising, fun, and original game has decended into a developement hell out of which it may never climb. Constant team changes, poor design decisions, and just a lack of clear progress has left this game that I was obsessed with for a good week, in the dust bin. I've tried resurecting my interest in this game several times, but playing just feels like a chore and progress through the world seems uninteresting at best. I kind of feel bad because of my initial love for this game, but now... I can't even bring myself to load it up. Sorry devs, but good luck on digging yourself out of the hole you've designed yourself into. My advice: scrap a lot and rework things. ESPECIALLY CRAFTING.


Survivors of Ragnarök

Game review - 2 agree

This has been in alpha for years and is still a buggy, unplayable mess. The creators need to stop adding content and get the core game working. The UI is a joke (the Esc key should NOT shut down the game) and it crashes and hits game breaking bugs on such a regular basis, I don't think I've ever been able to play for more than 10 minutes. Oh, and declairing losing as a "core game mechanic" is not an out for crappy balance and design. Also, I think most of the 10/10 rating are fake.



Game review

A great idea, but the controls are swimmy and slow. Constantly feels like you're playing in maple syrup. I have to swipe my mouse across the pad, pick it up and do it again to turn 180 degrees, and there's no mouse sensitivity option. Not good for an action game. The game is essentially unplayable. Too bad because the premis is good, just disaterously executed.

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