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We are Zapcade, a small indie video game company of two. We love all kinds of games especially retro games since that is what we grew up on. We currently have one game, Elephant Jump, in development and hope to release it this spring.

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Going gold soon.

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Just play testing but everything is complete. Polish gamelan and minor tweaks. Years to finish but when your just a lone programmer and artist things take time. Thanks to Mauro Zapata for the awesome soundtrack provided (honestly the best thing in this game).More info on release coming soon.

What we do for what we love.

Zapcade Blog

Wow its’ been a long time since I posted anything, polishing and play testing a game sure takes a lot of your time and life. Even if I’m the only one who will play this game I and very proud of what I am creating. It is a lot of hard work but it feels great to know I created something. The latest pics show some of the lighting effects that will set the mood on some of the levels. More coming soon.

The time that goes into a game.

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I am amazed how much I took video games for granted until I started to make one, even the worst game out there needed time and effort to be made. These days I am less likely to criticize any game due to how much work goes into it. I rather praise a great game than kick down a horrible one. Still I know there are horrible games out there but you never know what their situation was, but still some horrible games are so bad they become classics. A classic horrible game will always be remembered than a OK game, Superman 64 anyone.

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