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hello there, i was checking the misery patch 2 bug report and read your post; i'm not playing misery anymore, at the moment im playing some more ShoC; waiting for another patch on misery but i am planning to make another full bug report on patch 2
You said: "The zombies seem to be able to shoot you without any way they've seen you, and with ridiculously uncanny accuracy. I.e., you poke out from behind a crate, in a dark room, a zombie outside spins 180 and shoots you in the head, one shot and you die. Light level, sound level, and exposure should count more than distance and whether you're holding ctrl. Besides, zombies? They should barely be able to aim, much less go BOOM HEADSHOT after spinning."
I don't think that is a bug, that is because almost all mods use default game config files for creatures; What i mean is, for example if you look in m_stalker.ltx or other mutant .ltx file you will see a huge eye_fov and eye_range values for stalker/mutants, this means they have superhuman detection abilities, thats why you cannot sneak up on them, they have eyes at their backs because of the high eye_fov value
They can also see you in the dark because they have a low luminocity factor, default game is 0.5 value that means they see you even if its pitch black outside; what i do with every mod is look in config/creatures and modify the ltx files there, i lower eye_fov and eye_range values opening the ltx file with notepad, and if you want to be able to sneak in the dark you should put the luminocity_factor between 1.0-1.5, i think from 1.5 and above you become invisible for enemies to see in the dark and u can just creep up on them and stab with the knife; at 1.5 and above they cannot detect you so if you kill some of their friends the rest will just come near and point the gun in the direction of the last enemy sound they heard, i know, that is wierd behaviour on their part. Maybe you already knew this, im just trying to help.

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