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We are a news blog/websites that publishes news and sometimes interviews from developers, mapmakers and modders for W:Enemy Territory, RTCW, ET:Legacy, Wolfenstein II and other WW2 games. We also have a Discord WolfWatch channel that we use for chat's and news release's.

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ET 2 Remake Update 2 💯

-Fixed crosshair ✅
-Sounds ✅
-Primary weapon ✅
-Secondary weapon ✅
-Grenades ✅
-Hitsounds ✅

Videoclip HERE

if you have any suggestions, want to help or follow the process, make sure you join their Discord Server

Source: Wolfenstein Enemy Territory Online on Facebook

ET 2 in development

WolfWatch Blog


These guys have started to do a remake of W:ET in UnrealEngine 4. They are looking for more people to help them out with the game.

If YOU have some experience with the U4 engine, you can contact them at this email: gert@nothing2great.com

Read the blog and see their videoclips here Thewolfteam.org

Wolfwatch moving

WolfWatch Blog

I have moved partially the wolfwatch blog to the new website of The Wolfteam. My current domain will still be available for some weeks, put I'm posting blogs/news here Thewolfteam.org everyone is welcomed there!


Time to publish another awesome W:ET map, made by WuTangH

This guy I’ve known for a “few” years, and have to say he has developed alot as an leveldesigner! Could say, Lays Of Schwarzwald is his masterpiece in my eyes.

~~~~~ Lays of Schwarzwald B1 ~~~~~

○ About:
The style I chose to work with is a summer, 1940’ european forest village.
It is situated in the woods of famous Schwarzwald forests, where axis team run a secret weapon project to develop a new kind of rocketbombs.
Allies objective is to overrun the village and secure tunnels inside mountains with tank. Their next mission is to ambush axis rocketbomb factory and destroy everything whats worth.

○ Gameplay explanation:
After allies pass the 1st part of village, the tank will destroy tunnel doors, which will give Allies access to a Command Post placed in the middle of tunnels.

  • If they manage to construct the CP, axis will loose their spawn and will be forced to spawn far back in the Rocketbase.
  • If axis destroy the constructed allied CP, they will gain a foward spawn until Allies construct the CP again, or escort their tank thru the whole tunnel system. After the tank is escorted, Axis can not gain foward spawn anymore (not even with Command Post).

With tank at its final position, the map permanently moves to its final part – the Rocketbase.
Here, Allies will have to bring 4 dynamites and place them around the rocketbomb to blow up the base.

Read more and watch the screenshot on my blog



This stunning W:ET map by KeMoN you cannot miss!

– Mission –
July 1943:
Local resistance reported a branch of Deathshead’s X-Labs in a small remote village. Stiglitz, an OSA agent, has been sent to infiltrate the facility and gather intel of Deathshead’s activities. Communication went dead some days ago and Stiglitz is suspected to have been spotted and is soon to be executed. The Allies are trying to make their way through the village, free Stiglitz and escort him back to safety, so he can be debriefed at the OSA headquarters.

—- Concept —-
This first beta has a slightly different setup compared to its original concept. This is simply due to the limited time frame of the contest, which didn’t necessarily go hand-in-hand with the personal spare time of both @phisherman and me. The original concept, which is still planned for beta 2, has an unique twist compared to other escort missions. The mission for the Allies is to free Stiglitz and escort him back to safety. The concept however allows Stiglitz to be freely escorted in any direction the escorting player wants. So if one route is blocked by the Axis, then another path can freely be chosen. The Axis on the other hand can also escort Stiglitz and try and hide him from the Allies. Obviously, some restrictions need be be applied to avoid having the Axis hide Stiglitz in their spawn, rendering the Allies helpless. For this concept to work, a special LUA script is necessary, which unfortunately was not possible in the given time.
However, the concept will be realized for beta 2, which unfortunately will still have to wait until next year. As many of you know, so far @phisherman was responsible for the scripting part in all my maps. For this beta however, it would have been difficult to coordinate both our personal time and still make the deadline. So, this beta is completely created by myself and @phisherman will enter for beta 2, so we can properly implement the intended concept.
For now, Stiglitz is escorted along a pre-defined path as any other escort mission.

—- Layout —-
Since the concept is still on the table, the map needed to follow a certain layout to accommodate for technical limitations. The biggest of them being that the walking animation of Stiglitz would definitely be flawed when having to overcome differences in height. This made it necessary for the map to more or less be completely flat. Obviously, for this concept to really have an impact on gameplay, the map needed several different available routes. When overdone, this on the other hand, has the possibility of turning the map into Swiss-cheese with no real flow direction. So for the Level-Design there were 3 requirements:

  • map needs to be flat
  • map needs to provide different routes
  • map shouldn’t feel like a labyrinth/Swiss-cheese

—- Setting —-
Because the map had to be completely flat, I decided to have the primary setting in a village. There it wouldn’t be too obvious that everything is happening on one level. Nevertheless, in my opinion, maps with terrain and landscapes always have a better feeling and atmosphere. That’s why the village was planned to be situated in a mountain range, so the terrain is simulating a vertical environment. That way the flatness could be hidden even further. Having different routes was pretty straight-forward, simply include several different streets. To not turn the map into a labyrinth, there needed to be common choke-points, which Stiglitzalways had to pass. By having choke-points a certain direction of flow could be ensured, which would make navigation for the easier.

Read more about his map and watch more screenshot on my blog


Battlefield V Logo

Battlefield V – Open Beta

EA have now announced their open beta for Battlefield V.

The open beta starts september 6, but there are a few ways to play two days early.

When Can You Start?
The Beta opens to the public on September 6 and runs for a limited time. So, tell your friends to wake you up when September begins.

Pre-load load starts on September 3, at 8:00 UTC.

How Do I Get in Early?
If you subscribe to either EA Access, Origin Access, Origin Access Premier, or pre-order** a copy of #Battlefield V today on PC, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4, you’ll get early access to the Open Beta starting September 4.

What Multiplayer Maps and Modes Can I Play?
Players can jump into the up 64-player Conquest mode on the Rotterdam map, set in the embattled Holland city, or the Arctic Fjord map, set in icy Narvik, Norway. In Conquest, you must battle for control of key locations on a massive multiplayer map, using the new Fortifications, towable weaponry, and Squad Reinforcements system.

Two “days” of Grand Operations are also available to players in the Open Beta. In this modular narrative experience inspired by historical events, each day is represented by a round of play, and player actions have a direct impact on the next round. Up to 64 players can deploy in the Airborne and Breakthrough modes on the Arctic Fjord map.

Remember to constantly refresh the Battlefield News page this week for a more detailed rundown of everything in the Battlefield V Open Beta.

Check out the Battlefield Forums, follow on Twitter and Instagram, like on Facebook, and subscribe to their YouTube channel.

Source: Battlefied Website

Battlefield V Logo

#Battlefield V official Gamescom Trailer – Devastation of Rotterdam

And quite a Devastation it is..

Rtcw Custom mapnight

Cypher has announced an RtCW custom map night that will take place 16th of August 9EST.

Here’s the announcement:

Rejoice, fellow wolf fans! A night of custom and/or rarely played maps is upon you! I would like to invite anyone who is interested in playing some organized OSP PUGs on custom maps.

  • Signups begin immediately. In order to sign up please message me (Cypher) on discord only please link for RTCW discord is Discordapp.com
  • Discord is a requirement for this event as it will be our source of communications for teams during the rounds. With that, having a mic is also a requirement (no deafen/mute players).
  • We have provided a link with the maps that will be played during the night (PLEASE copy map files into your RTCW/Main folder ahead of time!).
  • Our goal is to start playing by 9:30est so please be on time. The teams will be drafted with captains and reorganized as needed to keep the rounds as even as possible.
  • The games will be played on CrossBirdz CHI1 (/connect password will be sent you when you sign up).
  • Server IP and the password will be given to you when you sign up so you can check the maps out ahead of time if you are unfamiliar with them.
  • Two rounds will be played per map in an ABBA format but we can adapt the night as needed to make the most of it.

If you have any questions please feel free to message me on discord. Thanks in advance for your support! And a special thanks to the admin team (Virus, Eternal, Nigel, and Gut).


P.S. For those who are not interested in this type of event, please feel free to continue the OSP Nights on the community OSP NA server.

Source: Kevin on RtCW Facbook page

battallion 1944

Some hours ago, the developers of Battalion 1944 multiplayer WW2 game released their second major update.

Here are some of the Major Update 2 Core Features:

  • Wartide 2.0 – Entirely revamped & improved competitive gamemode.
  • Introducing ‘BattleRank’ Beta 2018 – Our free seasonal cosmetic progression system.
  • Revamped Movement System – Improved lean, jumpshot nerf, smoother movement.
  • New Competitive Map – Savoia, Italy
  • New Weapons – MP28 & Grease Gun.
  • Reworked Weapon Balance – Varied Weapon Choice & Sniper Nerfs.
  • LAN Server Support – Including Grenade Training (Strat Mode).
  • New HD Renderer – Improved visuals take Battalion 1944 visuals into the next generation.
  • New Matchmaking System – Increased Stability
  • Huge Performance Optimisations – Solid 120+ FPS on most systems.
  • New HD Sound Engine – Advanced Sound Attenuation.
  • EXPERIMENTAL – Added Bots to fill empty server slots – Can be possessed by dead players.
  • EXPERIMENTAL – Added Work In Progress Match Replay system (Third Person ONLY)

Read the full change log HERE

Source: BigTuna on Battalion 1944 Community Forums

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