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Vector Thrust

Game review

Although the game still got some bits and pieces to be fixed, so far I have a great time in this game, keep up the good work!


Gundam RTS

Game review

The reason that I gave a 9/10 is that it deserve a very high grade for an indie mod. But for the developer, there's always a lot more room to advance the mod to the next stage. I just hope that I can added a 0.8 to the total score........T_T

I can say this is the first indie mod I've ever played. And I was glad that Smoth was helpful when it comes to solving some of the problem exist within Spring Engine itself. For me, seeing Gundam in an actual RTS game for the first time, I dropped my jaw and see how much accuraccy when it comes to making the model as close as the good anime.

Graphics: 10
The Spring Engine itself is quite an impressive system despite using a faction of memory and ram compare to any other mod I've seen out there. But its the mobile suits are the thing I am talking about. The mobile suit not only are well modeled. But also very well Texture. Every mobile type of mobile suit comes with different design, so there are less mobile suit share the same model with different guns.

Animation: 8
If I am a little demanding, please forgive me. Although the walking animation and stands of the mobile suit is a neat design. Improvement need to be made for the idle animation and path-finding. Its also quite confusing to order all 4 Xamel to move towards a target but end up everyone activated their hover but not moving at all, only to found out that moving it requiring to select individual mobile suits and not as a group(Xamel only).

Music: 9
I love the in-game music. Its an art when it comes to playing it while listening to the music itself. To be truthful, the music featured in Gundam RTS make me felt that I am a lonely commander commanding mobile suit into the misty winter with heavy fog, not knowing what danger might comes next.

Faction: 9
Room for more army! Think about the possibility! O.O

Overall: 9
Totally impressive indie mod. I will track it and even willing to help to make this mod advance further. Thank You to the developer for creating the mod.

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