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We are a VR games studio based in Peterborough in the UK. We focus on making games and telling stories that really make you 'feel'. We want to make you laugh so hard you literally 'ROFL', and cry when you loose a character that was dear to you. Basically we want to help you void the warrenty of your headset! We are new but with a long pipeline of great content ahead of us, and are really friendly - on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the usual places online, so look us up! :)

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Hello All,

We're pleased to confirm that the 1.03 update for People Cu3ed is now live!

We've had a lot of support from the VR community this week, both regarding the challenging situation caused by the bugs in Steam over the last week, and also with feedback on the game. Some of our players have found some very creative ways to break the game that we couldn't have conceived of - and it's been actually quite enjoyable to learn of them and patch out those issues.

In the latest update:

  • We've fixed an issue where by if a player finishes some of the earlier levels faster than we anticipated they would, an audio spike occurs as we switch from 2 different audio mixers.
  • We've improved the handling of the 'Cu3es' to remove some of the juddery-ness, and give them some more weight.
  • We've closed off any holes that we missed in the colliders on the walls - meaning no more sneaking the cu3es around the outside...
  • We've made some minor performance enhancements.

We're planning an article with some more detail on this, and other things later on so we'll leave it there for now... Happy Gaming!

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Whitway Studios

Whitway Studios

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A developer and publisher of VR games including People Cu3ed.

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The free demo is now confirmed for September 7th!! All approved by Steam and ready to go!

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