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I am the man without a plan. We are currently rehabilitating sponges into pineapples. Please assist. Check out my games, m8. Or don't not not not NOT not check out my games.

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The Lost Souls

Game review

Great job! It's possibly one of my favorite unity horror games. I like the fact that I can play it on tablet for free, and that it's such a simple concept; collect some parts for a ritual. I think chapter 2 is gonna be a hit!


Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion

Game review


Game review

This is a masterpiece.
An utter, masterpiece.

I love the art direction you went for, and the way the story's told in an abstract format.

I'm blown away by this, and I believe you deserve recognition for your skill.


Blood of the Divines

Game review

There's quite a few problems with this, unfortunately.
I played episode 1, and noticed several things I didn't enjoy.
Here's a list:

- I was able to fall through the world on contact with a carpet...
- The enemies glitch out when killed, causing them to stay standing.
- The spells do barely any damage, making them useless, which is a shame.
- The enemies have terrible hit detection, giving them strange ranges.

If this were a demo, I wouldn't have bothered reviewing, because then these issues could be considered issues that could be fixed, but this is a full release.

I would've given it a 2/10 if not for these:

- The game had a pretty cool dialog system.
- The game was original, and had some interesting design ideas.
- The spells were cool, although incredibly ineffective.
- The story isn't a copy off.

It had good concepts in it, and the dialog system is new to me, but this game needs to be reworked. Now that GameGuru's out, you should give that a try for this game if you ever decide to come back to it.



Game review