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Ten years i'm work in big-damn-game-industry. All of these years i'm reach the experience in different specializations. Because after 2 years work in undusrty i know - if i want to do something good - i must do it myself. On the end of ten year lenght way i have in my bag more over 30 game projects and 10 companies where i'm working in past. Have no triple-AAA games in portfolio and have no games for pride. What does one do when he realizes that nothing can be changed? He say - okay - and change all. I left the industry and found my studio. For the third year i'm indie. Battle for Valley of Serenity is over. Browncoats suffer defeat, but... We have not come to terms. We will not retreat. Each year indie developers give stike back. We have already won a place under the sun. We've captured a large enough section of Free Space. And we move on. Until not fall, or the Alliance will not be defeated. Long live Indie-developers!

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If somebody ask me - "Tell me please about real old school games which saving the spirit of old games?" i definitely can say that this is a Underrail. All pieces of this game breathe of atmosphere of old and good games in the best traditions of classic turn-based rpg.

I do not want screw up all fun from this game via spoilers. Just try it. Turn-based game, perks, quests and underground post-apocalyptic world which wait you and which ready for exploring. Art style of game also lead you in the past. In my opinion this is a fresh breathe of oldest times. And good gift for each gamer.

I want wish luck for developer and waiting full release of this game. By the way, despite the fact that game currently lean in Steam in secion of Early Access - she plays good. Much more good than many of other games in Early Access.

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