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Hi, I am Waysneighborgo2. I make mods and projects. One example is Alpha X2

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Hello Neighbor

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Hello Neighbor is a stealth and puzzle game that focuses on your neighbor locking something in his basement. The objective, or goal, is to try to find out what it is, by solving puzzles throughout the house without the neighbor knowing. Keys, Keycards, Crowbars, and more essential items are hidden throughout the house in some random location and you have to find them.
I love the game. It's amazing. Hello Neighbor has really great art, and the story is easy to understand. The reason why people complain about this game as I've seen in reviews, is probably because it's hard for them to understand the story. But you can see that it's showing you a story as the game progressing. The game isn't telling you the story, it's showing you. I also enjoy playing the hello neighbor mods that the hello neighbor modders develop. I enjoy playing them after I beat the full game. These modders are talented and creative. Sometime I'll start developing my own mods soon as I figure how to use the modkit! So thank you hello neighbor developers for developing this game and thank you hello neighbor modders for developing the mods! You fellow modders are doing great! I hope this review helped.

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