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I'm newbie member of moddb. I like to play people mod creation because they are awesome! I hope someday i could make mod too just like other. I like to study about computers and literature.

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Story when i found moddb

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My first blog post on ModDB! Okey, now i will tell you about my self first. I'm from Indonesia and i like computers and literature. I like to play people mod creation when i was 14 like GTA San Andreas Mod and Half-Life mod. In early 2011, i found a website named moddb, a website for games and mod development. I joined moddb on January 20, 2011. The first reason why i joined moddb when i was 15 is to get direct link download from ModDB server if i download mod. LOL! Looks weird right? hehehe.... But its has been changed when i stop downloading people mod and started to learning game engine like Unreal Engine and GoldSrc Engine.

In middle 2011, i found a game named Counter-Strike Online. Later, i become a CSO player and CSO has become my favorite FPS game ever! Someday, i got an inspiration about making CSO to become offline. The first reason of my inspiration to stop buying cash. In Q3 2011 i found a CS 1.6 mod named CSOL-DJB, a counter-strike mod based on CSonline. Sometimes this mod made me very curious about this mod development. How could it be a custom map, custom weapon, custom characters, and even custom mode!? Since then I decided to stop playing that CSOnline and become a newbie modder.

In early 2012, i decided to join CSF and use my ModDB profile to learning about modding than playing games like hacking models and mapping. Thats my short story when i found ModDB ^_^

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