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Marduk Octopoda

WatageX Blog

Marduk Octopoda, 8ft octopus Synth, built to withstand the harsh conditions of the oceans and is capable of efficiently fighting on both land and seas. Like a real octopus, he conceals his body inside a hard shell, in this case a power suit, which has legs thrusters and powerful propeller. The armor also passes powerful currents through his tentacles which enables him to properly use is tentacles out of the water. His armor also has non guiding torpedo [rockets] launchers pods built on his shoulders which also house hydro thrusters. His tentacles let him fire homing missile that bite into targets before exploding. Also the tip of each tentacle hides several thin tendrils which lets Marduk drain energy from his opponents. He has a cone shaped propeller on his back for maneuvering quickly underwater.

Orange/Red Orange tones Armor with Black and Dark Green Tentacles are his tissue exposed but has partial armors on it Back of Head contains extra thrusters Would like for lower legs to slide into thighs when swimming [side of thighs have several thrusters.




Galvanic Gorillini

WatageX Blog

Galvanic Gorillini, a 10ft tall silverback gorilla Synth endowed with the authority of electricity. Smart, calculating, and brutal, this gorilla’s massive mechanical arms are enhanced to include powerful generators to help feed, control, and extend his powerful attacks by generating strong electromagnetic currents. He uses his huge arms to climb and hang around overhead to attempt to land on unsuspecting targets using his massive weight to crush them. By focusing massive currents on his arms he is able to accurately discharge an attack in various ways. Simply by pushing it off his arms, Gorillini is able to launch an orb of electricity, shrinking as distance increases and splitting into two when colliding with any surface.

By slamming his knuckles on the ground the electrical charge sparks through the ground, loosing strength as it goes through surfaces. He also has several two handed techniques; an electrical shock-wave from a power clap and can send a voltaic wall crashing forward into enemies. Galvanic Gorillini’s signature move, the Spark Appulse, is a dashing punch with large amounts of electricity, sparking from his fist, with devastating penetrating power and a magnetic repulsive force added to hurl the prey even harder into walls, others, or far away. Power-suit wielding cybernetic silverback gorilla Copper/Gold colored armor with neon lights embed into it His Arms are completely mechanical. [the rest of his body can be speculated under the armor]

heres a scale reference for Galvanic Gorillini.PhotobucketPhotobucket

Strife Chamillion

WatageX Blog

Strife Chamillion is the 3rd boss of the big 8

Strife Chamillion, a 6ft Chameleon Synth, who excels in recon, sniping, and infiltration. Aside from changing color, he is also able to emit cloaking field making him virtually invisible to radar and visually. He can keep operating the cloak for extended periods of time but is unable to fire his weapons simultaneously as he is able to burning out his photonic receptors. Although unable to cloak while firing his weapons, he is able to charge up his sniper while remaining cloaked, but once fired the cloak is deactivated. The three horns on his face are not just for decoration, it is actually a powerful long-range particle energy cannon capable of piercing armor long distances. His mid-range weapon is his Tri Stinger Tail Gun. The tip of his tail has a trident like gun capable of firing in three directions at once, letting Strife to cover a wide are at short distances.

His close-range weapon is his long reaching tongue made from incredible tough yet flexible material. His tongue is tipped with a diamond screwdriver like head for piercing into the strongest of armors.Green Alloy plating, his organic parts are covered with green metallic scalesOne eye is completely cybernetic, uses it for aimingHis horns are part of an energy sniperHis hands should either be like a chameleon’s or elongatedHis armor needs to look slick, slender, and flexible


"please excuse the fact that some of the image are being cut off trying to fixed this"

some of the concept were for elements we wanted to add in the game like annoy minion or NPC that would help the player out during difficult puzzle sequence.

we never really decide what do with these guy. they were suppose the human element in a city filled with crazy killer robot.


Multiple Scenarios Game-play

Bastion Ocarro

WatageX Blog

Bastion Ocarro, a 7.2ft tall massively heavy Synth Armadillo who takes pride in his impenetrable defense, is a warrior at heart that holds a strong sense of justice, especially in the battlefield. His primary weapons are his massive clawed round shields which emit a powerful barrier capable of absorbing large amounts of energy and distribute it evenly around his armor to expel it as an attack on all directions. He can also focus energy from his armor in unison with his shields to create a dome of energy capable of tremendous damage. His only firearms he has are his shoulder mounted plasma cannons which he uses to keep his opponents on their feet at a distance. His real form of attack is rolling up in his armor into a heavily armored ball and crash into his adversaries until they honorably die or surrender.Platinum like armor with a magenta stripes down the lengthVisibly “organic” his face and hands the rest is heavily armoredHis plasma guns are on his shoulders fixed facing forwardBack Armor plates have optic sensors to enabling him to see while rollingHunched over he is actually around 6.3ft tall, and is about 9ft long

all character bios were created by Ramon Vargas

"please excuse the fact that some of the image are being cut off trying to fixed this"

Photobucket Photobucket

what do we have

WatageX Blog

most the the concept that are gonna be upload are chest idea of what the chraracter were gonna suppose to be like nothing was ever finalize.

"please excuse the fact that some of the image are being cut off trying to fixed this"


so yeah........ this was a great idea and it did show promise to some but i guess not to other.

so what should we do with these unused concept art?

post them i guess.......

and for some music tune here a lil coheed.

Rolla Melody

WatageX Blog

Photobucket ( click on image to view full )

Rolla Melody is Rock’in Blue’s sister, she
was never designed for combat but if
the situation would arise she can hold
her own quite well. This Pseudo-Droid’s
beauty is rivaled only by her talent to use
the bass as a musical instrument and an
instrument to inflict pain. Her weapon is
a mix between a Bass, a shotgun, and a
war hammer with speakers on it. It shoots
electric charged sonic waves which push
targets away from her, and can be played
like a bass guitar to produce short ranged

shock waves. This sonic based weapon
can deliver crushing blows when used
as a blunt weapon. The weapon is a bit
heavy for Rolla, so she tends to ride on
it and use it as a scooter [ segway ] using
waves to levitate. She wears a short Black
and Red dress, with white trims.
Blonde Hair [length debatable]

Rock’in Blue

WatageX Blog


Rock’in Blue is the legendary Droid from the Last Droid War, after the end of the Great War his creator gave him true freedom to live his life as he pleased. He became a Pseudo-Droid early on to be more human without weakening his own abilities at all. Blue started a band with his sister Melody and another droid from the war; Blue played the drums, Melody the bass, and Ziggy Starman the guitarist. They toured, performing in cities around the planet, avoiding conflicts once and for all.
His weapon is an older model Arm Cannon on his left arm, which lacks the ability to efficiently focus energy to its shots, causing the plasma shots to be bigger the AEX’s shots. Blue can charges his shots but take longer. He is notorious for sliding around in combat, slide kicking his opponents, stealing enemy’s abilities with sensors in his hands as he grabs them before throwing them. He’s got thrusters on his thighs and lower leg which aids him slide efficiently but poor to support his weight on a dash. What is odd about him is that he wears tight fitting coat [sweater or hoodie] over his armor. *(his left sleeve ripped or rolled up to give room for his blaster)
Light Blue and Blue Armor
Dark Blue Hoodie, with a white stripe across sleeves, opened zipper


WatageX Blog


Proto Red, the original new generation Droid, has watched over his brothers’ progress through countless events ensuring Blue’s survival was his only goal. While most hero droids chose to have artificial brains and other artificial organs on their Pseudo-Droid procedure, Red was the only one not to have organs, believing it would alter his way of being, or worst human scientists reprogramming him to be someone he’s not. He simply went with the muscle and skeletal upgrade. He stills uses the prototype arm blaster [Left arm] which has a slow rate of fire but stronger energy output than other Blasters to compensate the inability to charge up. He carries a shield on his right arm to compensate for his low defense. He wears a visored Helmet which he uses a scarf [or cloth] to cover his lower face. Red and Grey Light Frame Armor Cloth [scarf] color debatable

Shield Types:
Solid – Shield made of composite materials and alloys which can break apart if taken too much damage

Deflector – Shield which creates a small barrier to deflect attacks and soaks up damages from impact

Reflector – Round shield which uses strong magnetic fields to repel energy shots but does poorly against ballistics and explosives

Absorber – Shield that absorbs damage from attacks and stores it to be used in an energy attack from the shield

Beam – Plasma Shield that blocks or destroys incoming attacks but requires time to recharge between usages; can be used to slice enemies.

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