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Hi, it's me - the Wanted Raccoon, who escaped from a kennel to revenge with my #1 enemy - humans. They cut down our forest, and built there houses to live by their own, dividing my family. So my main goal is finding my family that were captured and imprisoned by people. Yeah, it will be really difficult mission and long way through several locations and different obstacles that I must overcome at all cost! Thanks heaven that I can steal people's resources from their houses and collect it in my burrow;) You'll see what "gifts" i have for them... And I should acquire some new skills for getting my goal. Well there's no time to chat, it's time to act!

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Good morning / or day / or night 🙂

The courtyards will look like this.

What do you think about that?

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Hello guys:)
We continue to collect new location, we've already set up houses, and now we're filling the courtyards.

WhatsApp Image 2019 03 31 at 10

WhatsApp Image 2019 03 31 at 10

What do you think?
Write in comments, please)


As we told you recently, we decided to modify the world to make it more interesting and comfortable for the player. Here is an update of one of the locations - we filled it with objects, updated models and now working on new textures.

This will appeal to fans of the stealth genre, because the player will have the opportunity to interact with the game world closer - for example, Raccoon can hide behind objects.

What do you think? Share your opinions in comments :)

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Hi everyone! 😄

We’re here. we’re alive and have the following situation
In January we DID a demo-version of the game! (in closed access for some time).
When we tested it, realized that it’s not exactly what we need as a result.
We freaked out, cried a bit - remember that we’re girls and our nerves were playing tricks on us.

But we gathered our strength, thought and decided to remake everything - because we want to make something INTERESTING for you)
There are lots of ideas, and they are finally coming to life. Very soon you could check out the completely reworked scene.
Please, follow our news ;) leave comments, swer us and cuss out in direct if you want

A piece of the 1st demo - Indie DB

Hi! 🌟
As you progress through the game you'll see cutscenes that explaine the game mechanics.


WantedRaccoon Blog 3 comments

Hey, guys!

This week we set up most of the materials in the game, used toon shaders, and now the graphics looks more interesting, don't you think? :)

16 jan 1

16 jan 2

It indicates the items that you need for passing the task.

How do you think, should we leave these arrows only for the training, or during all the game?

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Hi everyone!

Want to show you how dialogues in our game will look like :)

There's no so much conversations, but anyway it can help you to immerse in the story of our Raccoon.

And by the way, we so tired of his faceless name "Raccoon" - we're thinking to give a real name to him! What do you think should we do this? Have some variants?)



Creators, and if you know - it's me and my friend, are finally allow the Raccoon to run and frolic as he should!

Just look at this cuty creature :)

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In our game WantedRaccoon we a bit corrected the animation. Hooray? (:
We grow and enjoy it, and hope you'll like our achievements too!

Anyway, thanx all for your time on reading this post ;)

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