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I just like to make games and paint stuff, thats all =)
And if you have made an indie RPG thats on sale in steam or desura, I have propably playd it =D

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Hi again =)
Most of you propably know or have playd Minecraft, the sandbox game wich allow you to do all sort of buildin/exploring thingys. If you havent check the link below:

for pc, smart phones, xbox 360
Minecraft website
Status: Finished

Today Im going to tell you about few other similiar games I have come accross. So heres the list:


for pcLink: Terraria website
Status: Finished

Terraria has often been compared to minecraft as "2D minecraft" thou it offers a lot more. TErraria has bosses, npc that require certain things to be completed to move in to your town and offer various services, hundreds of different enemies, spells, dungeons, unique artifacts, zelda like leveling, randomized items plus offcource online play and all the features in mincraft. Well only bad thing is that it misses the 3D aspect o minecraft and worlds are a lot smaller. You character can however go to another worlds and keep all its items gear, etc...

Once I tought that terraria as far superior to minecraft what comes to exploration, building and biomes but now minecraft has takens serious adventure leaps.

Junk Jack

for ipod,ipad, etc
Link: Junk Jack Website
Status: Finished

This game is for ipod, iphone, etc only! While this game does not have as fancy thingys as minecraft or others like it it's a very good game to play when you are in a buss, or just waiting for something. There are lots if things to build and explore only thing that bothers me a bit is the constant tapping on the screen to mine something but you will get used o it. Crafting books helps you in creating various items and as in other minecraft variants enemies will try to ra"# your a&&. Nice touch was adding a mineaple back wall to the game that may also provide ore compared to other 2D minecraft variants.


for pc
Link: Starbound Website
Status: In delopement

In Starbound you start your game in a space ship trying to find a planet to colonize from infinite"?" amount of randomly created planets. The game has different races to choose from and you can even research new tech and play online with your firends.

Not much is yet known about starbound as it is still in delopment but check more info form their website.

Edge of space

for pc
Link: Edge Of space Website
Status: Beta, can participate kickstarter requirements met

Edge of space is currently goign through kickstart and still needs about 5000 dollars of funding please support if you like these kind of games =) Edge of space is space oriented sandbox game that has lots of great new things to add like mechs, space ships and strange creatures.

Here end the list for now. There are dozens of minecraft clones out there but didnt have the time to write about those yet. Maybe later thou...

Cya again!

Rogue likes!

Rogue likes!

Wanhus Blog 2 comments
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your a cool guy, anyone working on castlevania must be :D

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You said you like to paint stuff, on canvas, miniatures, digital?
Just asking because I used to paint WH40k models, but given it up (too expensive), but I still do digital art with my pen tablet.

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Wanhus Creator

Oh, yeah I paint WH fantasy and WH40k figurines a lot. Along with boardgame figurines like Heroquest, Descent, Doom, Talisman, etc... Thou I also paint on canvas.

Got three batallions of skaven and a huge assortmen of other WH40k and fantasy armies and some rarities like Chaos Snakemen =D

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Wanhus Creator

Oh and I also draw on my pc and have a pen tablet too =) Thou I suck at using it =D

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Where are you Wanhus?

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