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I am Jason Carter, aka WakeskaterX, an indie game dev. I am releasing SBX:Invasion, a tower defense game this Fall for PC. You can get the game on Desura, Indie City and my website for $4.99.

I like making challenging games for niche markets. Games that are difficult, fun and require strategy and thinking are my style. At the moment I'm working alone and contracting out the Music, but my long term goal is to grow a small studio and hire people on and create a place where people can make great games and love their job.

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I sat down, and coded for 4 straight hours and finished the Auto Shop! There are a few items in the game to get so far, and now you can equip them! As I make more items you'll be able to go to the auto shop to access them. Also there were some minor additions to the game as well, such as a delete file function that resets a file (which apparently is a bit bugged, don't hit it unless you want to delete a file, esc doesn't work atm). There are also some stars in the background of the map area to make it look a little better as well.

So let's look at some screens:

At the bottom there is now a Delete File selection to erase old files and reset the information in the save file.

Here is the Auto Upgrade Shop! Found just above level 1 after you rescue Floyd and leave the area, you are able to access the Auto Shop and equip your collected items! There are 4 pages starting with weapons, and continuing to generators, add-ons and boosters.

While the on the weapons page you have to click the weapon and then click a slot, the other 3 pages require only one click on the item you need. Because there is only one place to put it :).
And here is the update video:

What is coming soon:

- Explorable areas in level 1
- Level 2
- More items, weapons, enemies
Stay tuned for new updates and if you subscribe to my blog or youtube channel, you might just get some special neat goodies in the future!
Thanks for reading,
[SBX2]  Demo Video 1

[SBX2] Demo Video 1

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Small Indie start up, creators of SBX:Invasion released on Nov 1st, 2013.

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