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In response to your comment on I44's page, some of my personal favorite mods for Arma 2 are:
ACE- a realism mod that replaces some units and make Arma even more realistic by introducing deeper first aid, removing the reticle, etc.

CWR- Aims to recreate Operation Flashpoint CWC in Arma 2.

CAA- Same as CWR except it recreates Arma 1.

Any of Icebreakr's maps, they are very well made.

P85- Cold War mod about WWIII, made by Vilas. His other mods, such as the Modern Polish Army mod, are very good as well.

Operation Frenchpoint- Adds French army to game

Iranian Forces Mod- adds troops from Iran. This goes well with the Qom Province map.

PLA Mod- Adds Chinese army.

There are other mods that I don't use but I have heard are good, such as ACRE, which makes radio communications more realistic, JSRS, a sound mod, and Warmod, which groups a whole bunch of different mods together. I recommend also browsing Armaholic for other mods that suit your interests. There is a huge amount of content there and I'm sure you will find other mods that you like that I didn't mention :) Have fun with your new mods!

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Jis Varkplaas! Nice om nog Suid Afrikaners hier te sien.

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That's why it's a computer game, everything that is impossible is possible.... If this will be a real life journey, I will definitely do a research, since I am a researcher myself for almost 7 years... Yeah, it's true that Jupiter is a Giant planet that consists of very dangerous substances such as a massive amount of sulfur and other dangerous gas in their atmosphere, however, have you been to Jupiter? Me? I don't... And it's really impossible. It's a sad reality cause Jupiter is a very interesting planet, with many moons that have their own characteristics/element and a massive gas giant that no body knows what's inside? At least for me, even in a computer game, everything can be imagined and my frustrations of knowing what's inside that massive ball of gas can be fantasized. Just like my professor in my post-graduate study said, think out of the box. :) And always remember its just a computer game. Were we can play in the digital world that can make what we think is impossible... possible.... We can't make or see it in the real world? Why not do it in a different world? :) Have a nice day :)

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