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I am a CSU IST graduate. I love gaming, movies, music, and anime. I like to write stories. I'm learning Unity3D. My PSN is Vahsol. Creator of Shoy Schot!

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Sunday Report #12

Hi everyone. It's been about 2 months still we last talked. Since then and now a lot of work has been done on Shoy Schot! nui. The secret thing has been completely finished and added to the game, an entirely new game mode built (bringthe total number of new modes to 6), and several other things here and there. The game has been polished like a precious diamond. Almost everything is finished.

Infact, Shoy Schot! nui itself is done aside from final testing (which is mostly done). The only thing that is left to do is to finish the mini-game: Clementine. That game is almost done itself and should be finished within the week.

So, if the game is so close to being done where's the release date? I'm waiting until Clementine is more finished, because you know... That Working Designsโ€™ Spirit.Anyway, that all for now.

Seeya when we release!

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