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Uogienė @ Polishing up the demo...

It's hard to understand where's fog and where's iron tiles. Suggestion: Make all fog tiles be on same height level and a bit above non-fog max tile height level

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Uogienė @ Creating the demo

Tip: DON'T focus camera on exit when it's opening.
Great game otherwise ; )

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Uogienė @ The Living Dungeon

It's very satisfying to watch critters walking around : )

Why when 'u' passes door it immediatly becomes '?'?
It's not like Cogmind forgot who just passed door...

What will happen when robots want to build wall where Cogmind is standing?

From comments. "...still you play only one actor in an extensive world."
Will there be Cogmind 2? : )

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Uogienė @ A World of Robots

You can rearange Power, Propulsion, Utility and Weapon so their corresponding letters would spell PUWN ; )

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Uogienė @ Cogmind the Roguelike

Will game have easter eggs? : )

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Uogienė @ Alpha Release State

"(mostly ranged, but melee is an option)"
Will melee players have some sort of skill to teleport instantly to enemy? Will melee range have some bonus against some enemies i.e. enemy with rockets will damage itself?

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Uogienė @ Cogmind Release Schedule

"Your name (or a name of your choosing) will also appear in the game, but not just anywhere..."
What about special characters? Will I be able to write my name Uogienė?

Suggestion: Animation of some items in item collection.

"first come first serve basis"
So first supporters will get most powerfull and rarest items?

I would really like a T-Shirt with sprite Cogmind : )
"high-contrast saturated green doesn't work so well with ink printing"
What about blue? Pst. Blue Cogmind ; )

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Uogienė @ Tileset 1.0

Critics/Sugestions/Questions that I got while I was reading:
Explosion is a bit boring, because all squares look the same and reminds dog paw a bit : )
Debris can have even more variations by rotating them
ASCII Cogmind looks awesome!!!
For me it's not the walls that stands out too much, but doors.
Do robots turn left/right to the direction they're going/looking?
Watcher and programmer looks very similar.
"During combat you can safely ignore anything that's green" Can they (I forgot what they are) be used as block against melee robots?

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Uogienė @ Robot Hacking

Is it possible to steal a robot's part while it is "sleeping"? ^^

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Uogienė @ Robot Hacking

Is it possible to Reboot a robot and while it is "sleeping" Overload it again and again until it is finished and can be salvaged for parts?

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Uogienė @ Tileset Concepts, an Open Poll

Would like to see more from B.

Level will always be only sprite or only ascii? I think they should go together, especially when Cogming will be corrupted and see hallucinations : )

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Uogienė @ Cogmind

Is it possible that nearby cleaner bot would clean a good drop just before you would pick that up?

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