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I am, currently, managing a one-man development "team." Being my unproductive self, the extent of my work on Bismuth, my top priority, is the concept. As such, I hope that, when I have the very base of a game, I can attract at least two of my good, keen programmer friends. I may, at some point, look for a nice, cheap artist. But at the moment, what with my game's current condition, I want to keep the majority of the game quite the secret. I, Lewis, wish you all a good day!

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I will try to remain quite secretive about the production of my game until it is, visibly, not a waste of my precious time. After all, I could be doing anything right now: flying a kite, eating lunch, watching the television. But no, I am sitting at my laptop drinking tea and hyping my .txt notes of a game. I really should be working on Bismuth, but that would take far too much effort for a Sunday. And on Winter Break, at that.

But anyways, I am, of course, still just a one-man development team. However, looking up to role models like Gabe Newell and Markus Persson, I believe that I can make this game big. You all wouldn't care about my game, though, would you? I suppose the only way to get feedback on an idea is to let a bit of data loose. Here it goes.

Basically, the game revolves around the stereotypical desolate wasteland that was once a prized city. I don't believe a story is necessary, as I want the audience to come to their own conclusions. The world, run on player-owned servers, is broken into factions fighting for land and power. Upon joining a server, you may become part of a faction, or you can set up your own. Spread throughout about 20 .txt and 5 .pdf files, this game has a great arrangement of mechanics never before put together.

Best of luck to myself, and I wish you all a good day. For now, this is Lewis MacLeod, CEO of Unproductive Studios. Damn, it feels good to say that.

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Currently a band of two, we try not to think about games that could be developed. Rather, we get hit with an idea and think, "Is this a game that should...

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