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Hello visitors and viewers, I've made my name that you don't know about me. Back on since 2010, I learned the first program I used is 3d model Google Sketchup and Game Maker Studios. I do all kinds of stuff with one of my own sketch designs. I do like playing games such as Colony Wars (PS1), Assault Suit Leynos, Assault Suit Valken, Gungriffon, Rayforce, Raystorm, Iron Soldier, Raiden Fighters (Gun Dogs), and Tempest 2000, Ace Combat 2. Most of the games I rate the most are lores and object specifics. Some games I want to draw out of it is 3d models. I do also enjoy playing mods which inspire me to do a few art/model. That includes peoples work and stories mod games lore. Which makes me doing my fan design with several adjustments to render it based on realistic / science fiction theory. Hobby / Experience: Google Sketchtup: 3D Model; Since many Years Basic Computer Graphics; Since many Years Advanced Game Maker: Programmer; Since I have left it forgotten and no longer used

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