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I'm just a guy that loves video games so much i gave up on my social life and started to make my own game. I like anime..and cat's lol I'm 30 years old now been at this game for 16 months XD my first game ever

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been awhile..

WatsonLS Blog

well this game was dropped over a year ago.. but I'm back and I got some new stuff in the works.

I wasn't ready back then, but I feel I have come a long way since then.

when I feel like im ready to share, I'll share.


its the complete set from devdog, wich is pretty awesome if you ask me if you dont need it now you could use it for other projects if i win thats what im going to do use it future stuff

wedding stuff

WatsonLS Blog

busy with wedding but will get back with game stuff soon..got 3 girl characters 2 males well 1 done 1 still being worked on player does combos to what hes holding sword,axe,spear,bow and so on the world is looking good so far im going for 200 sq klm just cause its a 2 player game need some room for you guys to travel and so forth


WatsonLS Blog

slo mo is a go lol seen some kewl stuff from zelda where jumped up in the air and went to slo mo and shot his bow so now my game has slo mo lol fighting animations are looking gooooood, about 20 diffrent attacks atm going for 20 more, i like kewl combos lol, pets are in just setting them up atm, going to have about 12 diffrent pets to catch in the game and yes a dragon will be one and also you can ride some of them.

some more stuff but its time for pizza

totally forgot to say...i changed the hoeros...there no longer the tiny dudes you see in the pictures..there more human like, but anime style looking... they just look better this way. I'll post pic's soon. tomorrow ill post picture of main hero aka Tyrion The Black Knight.TyrionTBK


WatsonLS Blog

Player can now, climb almost anything. Still tweaking some stuff but


High Walls,short walls--check

tree climbing is almost working perfect as well so 75%--check..Not even sure if that will make it into the game tho lol I just thought it was kewl

fighting scripting is done all i have to do is animate all the moves.

Actions are basically done just adding stuff really.(open chest,start dialog,open door,) so--check

Enemies can see,hear player,chase,jump gaps,do atk combos,call for help, you can even hide from them in shadows if there dark enough.

Even have local 2 player set up and network.

theres cooking,crafting/blacksmith,inventory,

theres more but atm busy

So yea..lol

WatsonLS Blog

Okay, updates are coming soon..I say that a-bit I know but i just don't want to upload anything til i feel it's ready. I'm pretty close, just tweaking stuff plus i re did the rig's on my hero's they needed it make the animations so much better. As of a month ago it's now 2 player game when i first started i wanted it to be 4 players but it would have made the game to easy. but survival mode and dungeon mode are still four players just story mode is two players.


WatsonLS Blog

Okay so i changed the look

I gave it more of a platformer feel to it now

duoble jump, tripple jump,wall jump,ladder climb,glide

combos got a overhaul too its no logner a button masher you actually have to wait to press and also multi buttons like say 10 hit combo could have 3 diffrent buttons and you might have to hold a button i think it gives my combos a better feel and look

got gui now its not perfect still deciding on skins but yea

inventory, stats, shop, basicly everything thats gui i pretty much have done

got some bosses, and new monsters to fill stages with.

i will post pics soon..lol im just super busy i stay up till 4am working on this game plus i have a kid so my day is pretty much packed with stuff to do but yea i will get around to posting clips and pics...i know theres was more but i cant think atm its 4am ffs im going to bed


WatsonLS Blog

still working on this game, the lack of updates just means super busy working on it...Trying to come up with awesome team attacks is a pain lol the trail is its own pain itself i have no idea what im doing when it comes to trailers lol but atm it looks pretty good lol i know i say that alot but yea..if any1 would like to take a look at what i got just message me and ill shoot you what i got, just want to make sure im doing it right.


WatsonLS Blog

Working on the game sorry for the lack of updates just want to do some stuff befor i update again...the trailer is almost complete yay

ill post some stuff soon, just really super busy atm

Todays update

WatsonLS Blog

Well, im actually working on the trailer now lol and it's going great i think... i never knew how much work had to be put into a trailer...idk maybe im just trying to hard at it lol XD but yea, got about 70% done and idk hopefully next fri-sat i should have a teaser trailer done it will be about 1 min 33 sec's and i found perfect music for it yay bitches lol but yea all im saying is you have to remember i am indie and this is a indie game so thus the trailer will be indie lol but i think it looks good.

and also if any1 noticed yes i have taken off linux from my thingy on the side i will not be releasing on it atm i think that pc,mac,xbox and ps should be good for now...but i still have about 11 months befor i think i should be done, so i could change my mind again lol

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