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Hello!:), I am Turkish007, I live in Istanbul, but my hometown is Rize, which is the land of tea, corn-bread, anchovy, cabbage, and crooked noses :D I dont have a lot of time to play games, but when I do I play Battlefield 1942, Battlefield 2, Verdun Online,Unturned, GTA-SA and a couple of other games. I am one of the leaders of Forgotten Hope Turkish Community. I am especially interested in 20th century history and I am good in Ottoman and Turkish history. I am a patriot in my own ways. I can also play the electric and acoustic guitar. I love jazz, blues and classic rock (huge Dire Straits/Mark Knopfler fan) Enjoy your time on my profile! :)

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Model to be textured

Turkish007 Blog

Hello everyone,

I have one model which is waiting to be textured. This is a vehicle and it is the legendary Mercedes Unimog made by Shilka234. He gave me to use it freely, so thanks a lot to him.
Here, I have the render image of it:

The next thing I want to show you is some reference photos, for the potential future texturer to use. I would like to have the texture which is used by the Turkish army, for future plans *wink wink*. So here are they:

This is the regular olive drab:

And here is the unimog with South-Eastern Turkey camo (in the front):

So if anyone is interested in texturing this beauty and you think you are qualified enough to do this with success, please PM me through ModDb, so I can give you the download link. I would be grateful and of course you will be credited when I start my future plans :)


BF2: Pirates Event

Turkish007 Blog 1 comment

User Posted Image

Battlefield Pirates 2 Gamenight

  • Server: The Gamers Table
  • IP:
  • Date: Saturday & Sunday
  • Start Time: 19:00 GMT

    User Posted Image

    Join up, we need more men in our crew to plunder more booty! Come sail the seven seas with us, or walk the plank matey!

    See you on board! :)

Two Projects for Forgotten Hope 2

Turkish007 Blog



So, there are 2 projects for Forgotten Hope 2 that I need to finish, and I need voulenteer animators and navmeshers for them.

Project 1: Warsaw Uprising 1944 Custom Map Navmeshing

This custom map and skins made by [KamiKaze] Destroyer for FH2 was one of the most popular custom maps made and was played online a few times. The development was continuing until [KamiKaze] Destroyer disappeared for months and came back with the news that he wasnt going to continue the project.

You all probably know that its really hard to find players to play or organise an event for the custom maps, and I need someone to navmesh the map so everyone can enjoy an awesome SP game!

Some screens:





Second Project: Blyskawica SMG animating

One of the PR devs, Tim270, donated the Warsaw Uprising 1944 map's develper the model and skin of the Blyskawica SMG. He had found an animator, but the project wasnt continued after all. This SMG would make the map unique and pretty awesome. I need a voulenteer animator to animate the weapon.

Weapon image:


If you dont have your hands full, and you want to work on these projects, please message me! I'll send you the files.

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