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Hello Everyone!, My name is Tony!, I’ve been a indie game developer for 11 years. Currently i’m developing a web based multi-player, side-scroller, shooter with the working title “Overlay”. In addition, i’m starting a small online video game company called Philosoplay . Philosoplay wishes to transform what we commonly call ideas, thoughts, or dreams into unique interactive experiences that can be shared with the world! As a Game Developer, my main motives are to create games that players not just enjoy but feel as if they play a meaningful role in how their story unfolds. However, i wonder if it’s possible to do this by substituting individual based incentives found in many traditional multi-player games for team based incentives?. If so, do you think this can be achieved in a game that impacts both casual and hardcore gamers in a meaningful way?. Those are just a couple of questions Philosoplay will attempt to answer with the interactive experiences we create.


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