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Hello Everyone!,

My name is Tony!, I’ve been a indie game developer for 11 years. Currently i’m developing a web based multi-player, side-scroller, shooter with the working title “Overlay”. In addition, i’m starting a small online video game company called Philosoplay . Philosoplay wishes to transform what we commonly call ideas, thoughts, or dreams into unique interactive experiences that can be shared with the world!

As a Game Developer, my main motives are to create games that players not just enjoy but feel as if they play a meaningful role in how their story unfolds. However, i wonder if it’s possible to do this by substituting individual based incentives found in many traditional multi-player games for team based incentives?. If so, do you think this can be achieved in a game that impacts both casual and hardcore gamers in a meaningful way?. Those are just a couple of questions Philosoplay will attempt to answer with the interactive experiences we create.

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General idea behind the Game-Play

The unique idea behind this multi-player, side-scroller, shooter is that its played by 2 teams, 3 players per team, each player is either Rock, Paper or Scissors. At the start of the match you are assigned both a predator and a prey. You should try to hunt down and eliminate your prey (Team 1 Rock hunts Team 2 Scissors), (Team 1 Scissors hunts Team 2 Paper) and (Team 1 Paper hunts Team 2 Rock). On the other hand, you should also try to avoid your predator (Team 1 Rock avoids Team 2 Paper), (Team 1 Paper avoids Team 2 Scissors) and (Team 1 Scissors avoids Team 2 Rock).

However, there’s a few twist…

You are equipped with 2 weapons, energy (armor) bar, a health bar and you share respawns lives with the rest of your team. While your weapon is able to greatly damage the armor of your prey, it will usually cause very little damage to the armor of the other two players on the opposite team. The only time your weapon can deal more damage to the other two players is during sudden death. Sudden death occurs when there is less respawn lives than there are surviving members of your team, at this point all fallen players become spectators.

In addition, the fallen player’s strength are absorbed by the surviving members of your team. Now you have the strength to deal more damage to the player that has eliminated your team member (Team 1 Rock and Paper can damage Team 2 Paper’s armor more if Team 1 Scissors was killed). On the other hand, the surviving players receive the fallen player’s weakness, making you and your team member’s armor more vulnerable to the fallen players predator (Team 1 Rock and Paper can be damaged more by Team 1 Scissors’s predator if Team 1 Scissors has been killed).

Tips to win!…

Teams are strongest when they work together. While there are some run and gun elements in this game, players will find it much more beneficial to play as a team. Due to the nature of how the player armor and ammo work, you’ll face many players who can damage you a lot more than you can damage them. So it helps to have a team member near you that can protect you while you can hunt down your prey while watching the back of the player who’s watching yours.

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Hello everyone! my name is Tony and i transform ideas into interactive experiences! I am also the owner of Philosoplay! Philosoplay is a indie video game...

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