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My name's Teresa and I don't create Video games or computer games of any sort but I'm very new to playing them and I love to try new games.I'm proud to say I have a brilliant and fantastic boyfriend who does create games and has introduced me to many new games.I was raised thinking that video games and such were uneducational and had no point but now I see things very differently and love to explore games and their story lines. I belive that this is a very powerful art and should be celebrated not put down so I'm here to blog about my journey through the world of gaming.

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Well, I'm excited to say I have some new thoughts on improving games today. These new ideas spawned from a very eventful and chaotic day which left me questioning my own resolve to stay alive. This shocked me because I had not experienced these thoughts since I was twelve years old. I found myself looking for any possible way to calm down and suddenly thought of the idea of therapeutic computer/video games. I'm one of those people who stresses out quite a bit because I am an EXTREME drama queen and I typically play a game of solitaire to calm my nerves, but sometimes even that doesn't work so I'm left in a terrible mood. I thought of the things that used to calm me down as a very young child and of the things that calm down the many little children I have either taken care of or am related to and came up with a few things but with limits because of course everyone is different and what calms someone depends on the level of SI(sensory integration) issues and tactile issues that they suffer from. I'm kind of going off on a tangent here, but I just thought I'd explain that everyone suffers from these issues whether it is in the mildest or the most severe degree because our senses impact our thoughts entirely. It's sort of like how everyone has at least a tiny tad of ADD whether they know it or not.
Building off of my strange little tangent; I think it's safe to say that for most children under the age of four, a pacifier is the magic wand for calming temper tantrums because of the sensory effects of what is called the "suck, swallow, and breathe" that's why-for some of us-It's easier to concentrate and keep calm when we're sucking on a hard candy or something. I'm still researching why that is, but when I find out I'll tell you. Well I'm not really for the idea of children under the age of five playing video/computer games because things move around so much in the game and there are so many different things to focus on that it can cause a young child to develop a more severe form of ADHD. I am a perfect example. I didn't play video games or computer games as a child because my mother said "they'll suck the brain right out of ya!"-which I later found out couldn't be further from the truth- but I watched A LOT of movies and TV shows and developed a horrible level of ADHD. So in short therapeutic games for children under the age of five are ruled out, but what about for ages six through ten? Well at that age, simply having to concentrate very hard on something other than their troubles can help because it takes their minds off of things. It's also a scientific fact that certain types of music-when listened to-can affect certain areas of the brain in certain ways. So I thought that if games were made with therapeutic music, they could have a positive effect on the child's mood. But for this to actually work for more than one type of child-meaning a group of children with the same SI issues and such-there would have to be different forms of the game with different music so that the music would fit their SI issues as well instead of having one form of the game that only fit one groups needs.
I'm still building off of this and will post more ideas for different age groups and such soon, but now I must finish a paper. Please let me know if you have any ideas or what you think of what I've written on this topic so far. And I would also be more than happy to answer any questions about this or anything in general. I hope everyone is doing well and having a fantastic day. God bless.



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Thanks hun. I can't wait to get it rolling. I think it will be a really interesting learning experience for me.

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Hey! I'm so glad to see that you've started a blog. Good luck, and I can't wait to see what you write!

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