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finally in college and the same old RTS addict that i am. been modding for C&C3 tiberium wars lately, and doing some a little step up in challenging myself in 3d modelling. from doing tanks i currently am modelling gundams, in the hopes of being able to establish a gundam-based game on the UDK after i master animation and texturing ;) but i doubt that's gonna be any time soon..

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Ah yes, devil may cry. Yes we all love that game; a white-haired badass demon slayer with a huge sword and dual pistols and his freakish lightning-fast movements and bloody ballerina style attacks have always been the main attraction in the series. And yes we've all heard that the new DmC will be out soon, with most of the fans in high expectations.

DmC has always been the definition of fast-paced hack-and-slash games. The entire series follows the story of the son (dante) of a human and a demon, but in DmC4, things took a rather surprising turn with the advent of a new and exciting character named nero, another half-human half-demon bestowed with the power of Dante's father, Sparda, through his demonic right arm. The rumors spreading of a new DmC game had everyone expecting the revelation of the story behind Nero's life, since in DmC4, he was only shown as a part of a holy order gone demonic, and that he must do everything to stop its leader from summoning demonic powers from the underworld. But expectations were broken as soon as the first batch of videos and screenshots of the new DmC were leaked to the net.

Along with the rumor of a new DmC game was the confirmed rumor of Capcom turning over the game into the hands of Ninja Theory, and everything in the game was remade, from the main character to the story line, to everything else that was in Devil may Cry, but fans were not readily accepting the game.

Let's see the changes made to the game.

Behold, the new Dante!!

Apparently given a more modernistic approach to character design, the new dante is NOT the white-haired trash-talking badass we all knew. instead, he is now a malnourished rockstar punk in the form of a nephilim, a half angel half demon. Now that may seem like an enticing concept but that in itself broke the original dante's character. The main character himself wreaks of the end of the DmC we all knew back in the day. No more of the style-switching, the cool weapons and that terrifying-looking demon transformation, the epic bosses and the cool weapons we get along the story line. And maybe the mysteries shrouding Nero may never be solved, unless Capcom takes things back in their own hands.

The UI:

Since when was Max Payne ever part of the formula of devil may cry? That life bar shouts max payne at my brain (i made a rhyme :D) and that stylish rank wreaks of tony hawk series. And if there's anything that's disgusting about this screenshot it's that point-measured style rank and the fact that "Dante" carries a scythe that looks like irradiated plastic rod that mutated and sprouted a tooth. And just because he wears a long coat doesn't mean this game is safe him from negative criticism. Because right now, the amount of negative criticism for this game is TOO DAMN HIGH.

The weapons:
Yes that's what you think it is. It's the bastard cousin of the Ebony and Ivory and Rebellion. And yes the bastard cousins have the same names. One does not simply allow ELVES to make pistols for a demon. Look at those things! it's like the ghost rider touched those pistols, burnt the grips and replaced them with tree branches! And since when did dante get to the medieval era?

The styles:
Like the swordmaster, trickster, royal guard and gunslinger? THERE'S NONE HERE. I don't think this topic needs further discussion since it has become clear that expectations were broken, a glorious franchise left in wreck, and fans left walking home like a pack of disappointed wolves.

To wrap things up, the new DmC is a total and utter DISAPPOINTMENT.

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Ah, nanakoi Chord Chart, sa BCBP. Kaerangan nara ku magapractice.

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Aa, mou. Ya akun nahibawoan kai kara ra E minor, E Major, wo C major. Magato'on pa ku sa oban dan magarisod aku ga barhin gikan ya usa ka chord padurong ya raen.

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Wow. Nice. Akun kai mga 3~4K. Kaerangan pa aku magato'on aru. Ehehe.

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Wow. Nai kalahing Bisaya dai aku are no?
Taga'asa ika? ^.^

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Ah, yes. I am. A Kana Bisaya to be exact.

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Hello there =D =P XD

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ohaiii, I'm back :D

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I'm not really sure how or why.. but I like the fact that she does like XD

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whhaha they won't find it.. and if anything.. my gf likes that stuff too XDD

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believe it or not.. I used to have more.. XDD

but that was before my laptop broke and I couldn't repair it.. Dx
oh well.. I'm rebuilding my collection ;D

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