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TheInBreastigator @ The AMC TC

The dodging mechanics seem largely redundant and wasted since a majority of the enemies don't really inspire using them. A large use of standard duke 3d enemies are hitscan anyway and the dodge mechanics are very off-putting and finicky, it's frustrating to say the least.

I feel like the mod is pretty hard to get into because of how much it throws at you from the start, the tutorial is standard and appreciated but alot of the mod's advanced elements are really out-there with hardly any real explanation or what their usage is or could be.

I just don't feel inspired to really run through this mod when a majority of the weapons and mechanics are kinda clunky and I absolutely despise the forced cutscenes with abysmal voice-acting, it makes me not care for the story at all, especially when there's dialogue absolutely everywhere in this mod.

Perhaps I am picking the wrong characters to start with? The guy with the sword and shield is very uninspiring to play since he's initially handicapped by his loadout which would've been a neat initiative to have mechanics based around over-coming his seemingly capped playstyle, but it just fell very flat when the shield was just a passive armor absorber you have no real control over, and you get hitscan weapons for him anyway so it kinda defeats the purpose of his loadout

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TheInBreastigator @ WGRealms 2

Holy crap, I have to say this was one of the most interesting and engaging mods I've ever really played for a 90's era shooter, i'm honestly waiting in excitement for the latest update as I had completed every level with both characters available!

The aesthetic and atmosphere was set up perfectly by the first two levels, having some very impressive mapping choices, layout being so free-flowing and reminiscent of multiple paths that would interconnect with one another. Seriously the first map is a pinncale of fantastic level design and art, along with being set to some nostalgic music!

The unlockable character is juicy and puts a very entertaining spin on the usual shootin' and scootin' that you'd come to expect from duke (Which Duke himself being exactly that, albeit with a fresh and unique choice of weaponry and secondary fires to utilize in this mod), having the option between two uniquely different playstyles spiked the replay value immensely!

I almost wish there were a way to import the enemies and playable characters into other user maps so that I could indirectly play this mod some more, I had completed everything there was to play in this mod unfortunately!

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TheInBreastigator @ Cry of Fear

Big time fan of this mod, and I cant wait to play it,
But I have a few questions to ask.

Will monsters get stuck on stairs like they did in AoM?

and is there a possible solution for monsters being totally helpless when a player jumps on their head?

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