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I am a Voice Over/Voice Acting Artist & Singer/Vocalist. VOICE ACTING/ACTING: -Completed voice work for various major characters such as "Sentinel Knights & Soldiers" in a video game called "Halo SVP3" released mid-2016. -Currently Voice Acting for many other video games such as; Star Wars: "Republic Commando: Hard Contact" (Moddb.com) and "The Galactic Civil War (TGCW)" (IndieDB.com). VOICE OVER/NARRATION: -Worked for 3 years Freelance, in the fields of Voice Over/Voice Acting. -Hired for various professional company's presentations & advertisements such as: "Egiftery" and "Vin Capital Pty. Ltd. SINGING/VOCALS: -3 years of Drama/Acting experience in High School, having performed and won awards at festivals such as "Yohfest 2010". -West End Music Academy (WEMA) (1 year). AUDIO ENGINEERING: -Home Studio, High Quality Recording Equipment/Software and Several Years of Personal Experience in Audio Software & Creation. (Audacity, Wavepad & Pro-Tools).

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