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Game review - 2 agree

I just tested the demo so far so i "can't" give a REAL review of the complete product, but if all things after the demo are at the same "working level", i think i can give a review with no problem.

First, why selling you're FIRST GAME for 8$ ? Seriously, you clearly need more experience in making, but you already want a revenue of your game, to sell a game there is some criteria you MUST RESPECT, and i want to tell you some of these criterias your game don't respect at all :

- Write Quality
I'm not english but i just see SO MANY mispellings in this game !
- A constant evolution of game
You're game is not perfect and i/we expect you can do MORE for this game, because it's your first, so don't hesitate to UPDATE/UPGRADE your game !

Now the criticism :

The mapping seem to be "empty", the demo look empty, the screenshots look empty too, you need to five LIFE to the environments

You do many illogical events and mapping :
- You do a puzzle (random useless puzzle so... but you do it) with Soldiers, same soldier who attack you in random encounter, this sort of encounter have so sense !
- Some prisoner can walk around peacefully and other just waiting in their jail... why ? o_o

Also i don't know if the demo take place in the beginning of the complete game, but if we don't read the (partially false) description of your game, we just don't know the story/background of your game

Oh and... why you say "8-bit style action RPG", this game isn't 8-Bit at all, not even 16-bit... If you say there is 8-Bit like game, assume this !

I hope you would consider the future of your games (i read you want to do another game, that was great, but don't think too fast), and the work that involve !

- tfkmaster

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