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Young game developer prodigy. I have worked with UDK, Unity, RPG Maker, FPSC, Realm Crafter, Cube, Realmforge, and many others. I am making a new UDK game at the moment, will have the page up soon.

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Just Yellow

Game review

A game I found just browsing around IndieDB, I found this game made on Game Maker and I was blown away with the gameplay.

Taking the popular platformer genre and turning it into a full out puzzle game, not only taking control of your character, but your environment too, adding in some great level design and puzzles on the way.

The music is also amazing, fitting in to the gameplay and the levels, especially the second level where there was soothing snow with a peaceful tune humming around with the character as I tried to complete puzzles.

The only thing I would change is the position of the character as he only faces one was in mid air, probably this game's only fault I've seen so far. Easily a must play.


Raycasting Game Maker

Engine review

Nazi Zombies Portable

Game review - 1 agree - 2 disagree

I love what is being made so far, aside the glitches. But I want to make an extensive review so here is what I think.

The gameplay is almost flawless, but at time repetitive. I have only played the PC version, so I am assuming that there are less glitches on the PSP version, unless the PSP updates are just fixes for compatibility. Glitches aside, it's a very fun experience, but lacking servers, maps, and some weapons need tweaking.
What I don't like about this is that the barricades seem to do nothing, and it's not worth the repairs as you can just shoot them out from a distance, or weave by them.


The map is very simple, four doors, multiple ways for zombies to get in (Even though they do barely anything), and most of the goody perks that are in CoD. Although the map could use some improvement, I think it's pretty good and basic.


Simple weapons, although the flamethrower could use some work and some weapons seem to not work at some points, they seem great.


I love these graphics, especially since it's on the Quake engine. The zombies looks just like the CoD ones if they were low poly (Minus the Santa hats XD)


I love this, and if I had a PSP, I would surely download this game. Aside from the glitches, this game is great for F2P, but mapping needs some work.

8/10 Overall.

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