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holiday and developmment

teambiohazard Blog

Today is the day I will go on holiday vacation. all my clothes and stuff are packed and I fear the worst; no development ! or atleast, less development.
I have packed my Laptop and my special drives so that isn't really the problem,
on holiday vacations the problem always is: do you have time for development.

so here are a few tips to do dev at holiday vacations but remember, not too much !

- in the evening
When doing dev in the evenings (in an warm country) the temperature dropped and you won't feel like dying

- after lunch
development after luch is the perfect oppurtunity ! because in most country's (south wards) people do Siesta (a after luch nap between 12:00 and 14:00) because it's simply the hottest period of the day

- not too much!!
it's still a holiday vacattion, don't blow up your mind with solving errors and fixing code or something. it's a simple waste of your rest.

- take it easy on that coffee
not too much coffee on ur vacation, really bad for you. because rest is needed... after your vacation you will be fully charged for some mind blowing results..

I hope you guys have a relaxed holiday vacation!
my next article will be about some design and code combined.


New models done

teambiohazard Blog

Finally we have some new models finished!
it took this really long time for us to finish these, not only to finish but also to make them work correctly on several machines with several strengths.

so we added some LOD (level of detail) stages, now it will run even on less powerful computers.
we are glad this will all work out.

we also added some code to the models itself, all hard coded, this will result in action performing while it isn't necessarily needed to execute game code... screenshots will follow, please stay tuned for more :)


teambiohazard Blog

Today I began doing PR, never did such thing before.
but now every kind of work is likerated and development time became trough.
people now come to my game's profile. first I though shall I or Shall I not..
But I'm glad I did so...
Also spamming around the URL on faceebook, and twitter became very great.
people actually click on those.

I'm glad my game has followers. Thanks :)
IndieDB is awesome

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