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I've been designing and constructing games for 12 years now and have experience in modelling, animating, texturing, programming, story design and level design. I use Unity, and Blender. I prefer coding in C# but am experienced in many languages. I love procedural generation, open-world gameplay and sci-fi and fantasy genres.

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It's been a while.

Sydan Blog

I don't tend to focus upon personal posts on IndieDB. All of my content is posted on the pages of the games that I develop. I thought however I would update this to something more pleasing, and also more relevant. I'd like to just run a quick overview of the various projects I have at hand at the moment:

Tumball (Released)
Tumball is a 2D arcade puzzle platformer that I originally developed for Iphone and Android use, however it has now been released on Desura as a PC version. The game turned out to be a revamped version of a 3 year old project called Rebound, however during beta testing Rebound was found to be unappealing and so was completely redesigned to meet market needs. Tumball is my first ever released game and has been much more popular than I could have hoped. I am currently in the process of contacting Steam to attempt to have Tumball available on the Steam network. I am also in contact with Yoyogames (owners of GameMaker, the program I used to make Tumball) to find out if they can convert Tumball to an App format. Tumball also features a rare element that I was very pleased to release: dynamic fluid simulation.

NineBlade (TBD/~2012 - 5% complete)
NineBlade is a large project; it is a cartoon fantasy adventure RPG. Despite being quite a simple one, it will still take a lot of time to complete, I estimate another year. It is however quite a popular project, and, at sometime I may expand the development team of NineBlade to significantly increase its construction speed. My plans for NineBlade include a playable Alpha, and Beta. The game will involve many of the features that players have come to expect from RPGs but also many more unusual and unique game elements.

VoxTerra (TBD/~2016+ - 0.5% complete)
[No Link.]
Tiny Terra is a game you can see under my game list, it was the first game project I put up on IndieDB and one of my first game projects in Unity3d, however at the time my knowledge of Unity was not great enough to allow me to construct it. Recently I have put aside a little time to look at Voxel engines and have started work on my own. VoxTerra is a completely hypothetical project that may or may not ever become something. In away it is my dream game idea. The game concept is to create a universe that is completely editable, somewhat like 'Spore' by Maxis, however with a construction and destruction element much more akin to 'MineCraft' by Mojang. The game would be vast and would demand online multiplayer. Unfortunately I alone cannot complete this game. I hope in the future to start a development team, or to join one, and to create this 'dream game'.

That's all I have to say for now. I hope that this project list does not become any longer. My main aim is to increase the progress on NineBlade, and to market Tumball in new areas.
Thanks for reading!

Hello IndieDB!

Sydan Blog

Hey there.
I can't stand the sight of an empty or blank page so I thought I'd fill this out with a little faq style list.

Who am I?
An 18 year old game developer from the UK. I specialise in games with unique or revolutionary gameplay elements. I am currently working in Unity.

Why am I here?
I'm here to display my game projects and to find other game developers in the hope of starting a team or working my way into the industry.

What experience and skills do I have?
I'm pretty skilled at Blender so if you need any help you can ask. Equally I am happy to model for any group that wishes me too, however I must note that my style is specifically more cartoon than realisitic.
I am very good with JavaScript and can put it to use in Unity, 3D GameStudio (c-script) and GameMaker (gml/java base).
I can model, texture, animate and program. As well as being a good confident level designer. I also very much enjoy coming up with unique and immersive storylines.

What am I working on?
I'm working on an Adventure/Arcade/Puzzle game with mechanics similar to that found in Mario Galaxy.
The idea behind the game is that the player must battle monsters and solve puzzles while moving from one small planetoid to the next through a method called 'hopping'.
I am seriously in need of a working or final title for this game... :/

What have I worked on in the past?
Most of my past projects have been in GameMaker. I have previously constructed a ball based puzzle arcade game called Rebound and an online multiplayer cartoon battle shooter game called MultiRealm. Neither are complete however I plan to return to both in the future.

What Games do I enjoy playing?
I enjoy: Team Fortress 2, Portal, Fable, Dark Star One, Ratchet and Clank, Spore.

That's all for now.


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