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I am a gamer. I guess most people say that cues its kind of obvious... My dream is to become a developer but I am being held back by family and school. So untill summer of 2014 i will not be able to make games. I will get my first computer that summer but for now I am just a gamer gal :3 Sorry if my english spelling is not that good sometimes but I am dyslektik and my native language is swedish but I do speak english at home with my family every day xD since my step father is an american. (and he hates games and gamers!) well I have survived so far! If you look in to my blogs you can see some of my ideas to my game i want to make! I have many but it will slowely build up to something very complicated so i will probebly take alot away later. If you want to give any advice just give me a message of what you think so I can evolve my ideas from zero to hero!

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No sorry people this wont work... No game will be prodused here... Well im not sure. First i should have tools so i can be a bit more creative than i am now i mean im better at drawing and play music than imagen a hole game. So no i will first find tools and time to even start so all i have written before is scraped. but as soon as i get to start the so called high school or "gymnasiet" as it is called in swedish next autum. There i am going to aply to game development. I will have homework where it will be all about game development and game design! So about then ill probably will be making something! Yay...

Treasure hunt!

sweetbeast Blog

So like i have said before this is going to be a treasure hunt! The treasure hunt will not really be something that you will do in the very start but i think somecind of story development will make this treasure hunt a bit more fun.

So like i have mentioned before. There are different things you can look for that is important and dangerus to the land and it people. For example.
A magic item: this has many possibillitys and variations of how dangerus it can be if its in the wrong hands.
like that this item has a special effect on the user like super strangth or psyckic powers like mind control!
Then we have another option that can controle somthing powerfull like somekind of evil/ powerfull spirit!

A technological item/info!
Alians have invaded the land very long ago and these alien left behind some technoligy that like the magic item can controle somthing powerfull
Or the item is a exoskelleton O.o well dang it so many possebilitys :D well i will just continue untill i fancy something to focus on.

A important item from your parants or past!
Well in my game i really want to begin the game where the player is a child. This is where you canbegin friendships and so on and this item mabye will not benefitt the land and its people but it will have another role in the main story. It depends on what your choises are in the child hood i guess and that will give a important mening to this useless item
It can be a toy of some kind like a doll, a toy sword, a story book, a drawing! All of these can have different menings and will change your main story that i hope people will enjoy!

As you see i really want this game to be full of choises! Like in real life i gues but a bit easier to see than in real life :3
Okej so do i want this game to have a simple item or a complicated one?
Simple is the magical one in my oppinion and the hardest will be the item of the past.
Since that will be harder to push in to the main story of treasure hunt.

A story...

sweetbeast Blog

Ohai! So this time i want to focous a little on the main story but i havent really desided...
A very Classic base story is that evil is corupting the land of heroes and light and the chosen one is supoust to save the land.
or that something important has been stolen and two sides of good and evil are fighting to get the power to rule them the land and its people. but is there mabye something that is more original? I dont know but if i had to choose one of these basic main storys i think id like the treasure hunt more. Like in the lord of the rings! But what could be so important and so powerful that it could rule the land and its people? Well if im going with that story it has to be some kind of magic item or some important technolagy or information about the king/queen. Well this is hard!
So i have some more ideas for the game (if you would call them ideas...)

can not find gears or weapons in defeated animals and the armor you find in defeated humanoids will be damaged and will ether be classified "well used" lowering the stats of the armor or "un used" that will not increes but keep itsealf hole for a longer time and i. Shops you will be able to buy both well used an un used items that will also cost different even if its the same kind of item.

Pets are one of the thing i love in gaming so there will be pets and i thought you could give armor to your pets or familiar. You will also be able to have a companion! That will be determined by your friend status with this npc and it will take time and effort to get one.
Wow i have so much i want in the game im going to make! Or rather want to make...
Well hugs from me XD
Lets see if i will be able to make this work!

What i would want in my game

sweetbeast Blog

I like different races in gaming so in my game i think i wan races like kajits and argonian. i think most of gamers now what kajit and argonians are. They come from the elder scrools series. Mabye some kind of dog and a rabit race would be awesome too. Elfs, undead, orcs, and humans will exist too. Classes will be dificoult to make balanced so i think i going to go with a perk tree like in the elder scrools but i want to have more variety so a huge perk tree with things like smithing, mining, two handed, one handed, block, bow and arrow, potions, cooking, pets xD, speach (since i want to have multiple choises. whith better speach you will gain more options!), sneaking, destruktion magic, healing magic, warlock/necromans/dark magic(in this perk tree you will gain really posetive effekts and magic that has a lot of damege but it will effekt you negetively and need sacrafices to work or it will harm you really badly :D) and the thing i like with dark souls is that almoust every thing can kill you if you are not carefull enough. So something similar will be added
So it will probebly be some kind of cross over from elder scrools/dark souls and fable xD i havent played fable on a pc but on the xbox i really liked the weapon mekaniks. If i make the game friendly with both keyboard and e controler i think i will have a similar weapon mekaniks in the controller and a different in the key board. So the game will have a different feel to it.
So this is some things i want in my game and as soon I feel like adding more like drawing and stuff i will add it later when i have gained my school computer so i can uppload them! Im no artist but i will try to show my ideas with drawings as much as i can.

Nope i couldnt come up with somthing good....

sweetbeast Blog

Okej so that idea did not end so well... So i think i will start with somthing easier. Just a normal hero fantasy game. I love rpg so i will my idea is not so original but for the future i think ill have to make side quest and a story line. I like the idea of starting as a child and grow up along the game. You know like in fable or something alike. But i think thatpart was to ahort so in my game i think i will have that as a tutorial and as a story line begining and as you progress you become older untill the very end where you die of age or murder or something along those lines

To come up with an idea is not as easy as you think...

sweetbeast Blog

So now I am starting to think about an idea. I started with games i like and dont like. I like rpg's. Bouth fantasy and sci-fi
(ping) my idea poped up xD
but what would hapen if I would make an rpg that resemble reality with a twist or something... So not like saint row or gta not gangster like... Okej That was all i needed x3
My basic idea an rpg with a twist of fantasy or sci-fi but in real life in the life time of now. Like 2013-2016 ish sinse i will not start making the game now...
I do not know if im going to stick with this idea or come up with somthing else but this will have to do for today. XD
Bye bye

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