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Well lets get this going, its about time I typed something here since I spend a lot of time here.

I'll start off by saying that who ever hates what I say well I couldn't give a rodents rectum mate.. shouldn't of clicked it should you, if you have and still hate it but you read on then you must be one of those people that hate Justin Bieber and yet you know his songs and which ones you hate I am glad to say I know none of his songs and never clicked on one or listened to one and never plan to in the future..
This leads to what I hate, commercial bull s&!t what happened when people actually sang a song did we all suddenly lose our bloody minds and I am listening to final countdown right now, must say it still rocks, back in the times when political correctness wasn't in change back when it was awesome to well dress weird, I have to say that I grow up in the wrong years. Just walking down the street these days all I see is the same stuff everywhere, no one is trying anymore, girls look like barbie dolls stick them in front of a candle and they will melt (I would love to test it lol) people are trying to be things there not, I was always told to just be your self and who cares what anyone else thinks, looks like most people didn't get that memo, since it wasn't texted to them.
Oh mobile phones now I believe in talking to someone face to face because talking over phone you could be talking to anyone, agreed phones are great to communicate, but when your talking to someone then there phone rings and while your talking to them they start texting, if one more person does that to me I will put that phone where its not meant to be...
Now I find technology great hell I'm typing on here right now, but just a little rant of me but next time your buying something like TV, computer, etc have a closer look and try to see it my way. With all our technology we are still killing each other for what money, revenge or just to get something from someone else which you don't have, why is this? Because we are human that's why, from a young age we have been taught differently some more then others, we are taught to compete with the person sitting next to you in sport, testes/exams, so if you ever think about why we kill/fight or why we steal, things like that, just look at the school system, look at human history you will see that we are always at war with our selves or competing to be what they want us to be, not what YOU want to be, but since we are controlled by propaganda of companies, governments or hell religion we will forever be killing/fighting each other for no reason, forever turning our selves into what THEY want us to be, little puppets on strings we are, good example is well Fuel prices if that isn't obvious enough then you might as well sit back and enjoy being puppets well this little puppet has cut his strings.
Another awesome thing in this fantastic world (sarcasm BTW) the way people judge others, if you even try to look different to the so called in STYLE people treat you COMPLETELY differently before you even start speaking, I have tattoo's but if you met me face to face you wouldn't think I was the type of person, I get that a lot but since everyone has been brain washed into thinking a guy with tattoo's must look like this or act like this its automatic its just how you were raised, Its the same with gamers, people instantly think of a fat guy with glasses in front of a screen eating Twinkies or what ever food you saw someone eating one day. Stereotypes that's the word I have been trying to say, I have been trying to think of the word (2 am right now..) I'm sorry I didn't stay to the nice tanned skinned guy with muscles all over his body style, but I am going to live the way I want to live, you judgmental people can well,, shove it.
Any who I might as well stop now I can write a book with not a second thought even easier typing it.
So this is me signing off but if you get what I am saying then congratulations you are a rare breed so stay alive... I can't stress enough about how rare you are.. Others look at the top of the page...


Ah comrade! Long time no see!

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Thank for following our mod, Star Wars Battlefront: Tides of War. We appreciate your support.

Please check for updates regularly, we'll continue to work hard on this mod and we'll continue keeping you updated.

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hi please i need help i instal the new changeset 026 and i play with british but i dont find anyware the New model: Cruiser Tank Mk.VI Crusader AA Mk II why?? is not done yet? or done?

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yes yes do you know how?

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