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Space Blaster (Lines)

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Sky Nations

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As of recent updates my rating has turned into an 8.5- if I were capable of doing so. The up in rating is because of resolved balance issues, a larger community, and just plain smoother gameplay. Again, my rating will go up again in the future and will most likely, at some point, reach a solid 10.

Nice community and supportive admins
Ships can be built and piloted smoothly with few restrictions
Large amount of craftable items
VERY original concept- very few other games I've seen are remotely similar to this, all in all.
Thousands of possibilities when building, extremely customizable!
Vast map with multiple types of islands (and promise of more being added soon)
Ability to create your own servers

Ship thieft- you'll be lucky to find your stuff in one piece the next day
Difficulty to find certain materials. Or so people say... I myself am fine with how it is.
Few usable weapons
Some blocks are admin-spawned only

In conclusion, this game is definitely on the rise, with the only limit being how fast it's being developed.


Kaiser Earth

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Why I did this? This is what playing it is like. First, I don't see any instructions. It takes a few minutes to even figure out how to do anything. Then, taking ANY ACTION (docking, manning a turret, starting a mission, etc) makes it not respond and I have to wait for something that shoud be instant. I start mission 1, and the text goes by at 2 letters per second while the voice is at normal speed. Even the cursor is laggy. I undock for the first time and I see that the textures are completely messed up. Things overlap, flicker, etc. Even the first object slows the game to half speed, and the momentum while turning and manouvering makes it impossible to pilot. Then it decides to speed up, but to something too fast to be practical. It slows down later of course. I finally blow up the communications base, and the explosion takes 30 seconds, at practically 2 frames per second. It takes a long time for something to happen after it says "mission complete". Same thing on mission 2, but when disembarking the ship, I randomly find myself on the roof. Then I fall through the floor and off of the map. Definately not a good first impression. Oh, and one more thing? It won't save anything. I have a very modern computer; it's not the problem.



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