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Crazy about Mammoths and video games, decided not enough games feature mammoths, so am working on creating "Mammoth Gravity Battles" (www.mammothgravitybattles.com) - a 3D update to the classic physics turn based strategy game, gravity wars. An an indie game developer I am most interested in games that are unusual, thought provoking and offer varied game-play. I have a particular passion for turn based strategy games and games where a simulation core gives rise to emergent game-play.

Based in Cambridge, UK

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So, in order to put off doing some rather tedious coding around the level setup for the Campaign of Mammoth Gravity Battles, I've been modelling and texturing the last few graphical assets for the game. These are the "special" enemies and features of the campaign that keep it interesting, so they have to be good. Things like the Mammoth Missile Cruiser - a deadly boss like warship that fires two shots at once and takes a massive amount of damage to destroy.

Mammoth Gravity Battles - Cruiser concept
'm enjoying this creative detour away from some rather dull coding, but I have to say, if I ever need to get paid by the artwork produced, I am going to go very hungry. It takes forever to get the model right, do the UV map, do the texture, get the shader working, and I find myself repeating bits as I realize what I did wrong a few steps back. I have so much respect for artists that can crack out high quality modle after model. I am so much faster at coding...


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