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SpaceBovine Blog

It's weird to think it's only been 8 days since I posted my video talking about Tywins concept. I've managed to achieve so much since then. It really feels like this last week has been a year. I've been waking up, sitting on the computer, working on Tywin and then heading off to my real job for another 8 hours. If it wasn't for my girlfriend giving me coffee and supplying me with nutrients I'd probably be dead.

Tywins Hud - still need to add some stuff.

Developing has been going steady, just worried about the save game function. The player will need to store their highscores/level progress/Unlocked awards etc. I know I can do it, just thinking about it makes me not want to do it =P.

I also need to work on the Restart and Pause button images.


The tedium of the Pause and restart buttons wears heavy on my soul.

Endurance check

SpaceBovine Blog

Developing is getting harder but it was to be expected, the further I go into the process the bigger the problems are to solve. Exciting stuff because I love a good challenge but development is hard and I cant see it getting easier anytime soon.

The dev. station

It's raining outside at the moment (thank god) my room gets so hot.The GUI gave me a bit of a head ache, getting the GUI to scale properly was a hurdle. I'm not going to say its done because every time I say that I find a problem and I need to work on it until the wee hours of the morning. I'm lucky because I have a three different android platforms to build and test my game on so I'm finding errors and fixing them for you lovely people.

So my company is up and running and its just me... I wont lie, it fucking sucks. Its a horrible feeling, because I want Tywin to be an awesome game of high quality but the journey to get it there is hard because I'm alone.

It's weird I know, I've never really spoken about my feelings on this blog but hey :P it was going to be a blog about my indie development process and the stress is just one aspect among many.

It's hard to get people to care and it's hard to get people interested and the hardest part is not knowing if you're moving in the right or wrong direction.

As always thanks for stopping by and on a good note, planet rotation is smoother, created stage boundaries and GUI buttons scale correctly across different platforms.


SpaceBovine Blog

Smoother reset

Its 0245 and I'm quiet sleepy. I was able to get the reset function (upon player death) to be a lot smoother. Had a bit of trouble getting the unprotected planets (red) to change back to their original colors after the player had landed on them, but I solved the problem and can retire to sleep :D!


  • Jerky reset
    • The player returns to their starting position (without re-loading the level).
    • The player leaves a bright trail back to their starting Pos.
  • Shaking player
    • Smoother rotation around planet.

  • Vagabond planet cluster(a)
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