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Well not much of a bloger, afterall why type when you can make videos? :P

But people probably wonder why I mod Crysis, and not a other engine like say, source that would probably get the mod a lot more views in comparison to the amount of watchers Crysis mods usually get.

Well the reason is:

Well before X32I - Redemption I didn't do modding, I tried my hand at very basic maps in HL1 with Hammer but those never progressed beyond square rooms with triggers. :P

So Crysis was the first time I actually started modding, and it wasn't intentional is was by accident and a flurry of thoughts. I was messing around with the editor because afterall the sandbox 2 is amazingly easy to use in comparison to many other editors out there. After a while and a lot of messing around I made a machine that sorta looked like a huge laser tower, and then I found some models and materials in Crysis that looked kinda like a Wormhole.

And that's how X32I was born:

X32I is a chapter of my past I wish I never made public to be honest, the original X32I wasn't anything too special and most of it I did on there was on my own and with a lot of messing around, many iterations of the project where scrapped and replaced, but eventually I realised that working on a project on your own is impossible. Obvious right? Well that's when I tried to assemble a team to help with the project however, due to working on the project on my own for so long I was so burnt out that I literately just hated the whole project to the point where loading it made me cringe.

I'll admit the first X32I mod isn't great by any stretch, infact I'd say it's pretty bad, but due to pressure to release something playable I released Episode 1 which was a cut in half version of the original Episode 1.

Episode 1 was going to be the introduction level and the first level of the Alien world. However it ended up only being the introduction level and besides a few dialogues and a 5 Easter egg's it was very very short and pointless without the other level.

Looking back I wish I never released it to be honest, but you learn from your mistakes right? That's where X32I - Redemption comes in.

It's a play on words in both ways, X32I - Redemption is called Redemption, because it's to redeem me to my self for all the mistakes I made with the prior version, and because the story off the game also is about Redemption, so the title is two meanings.

Also this time I started the project on my own again, but only to build a few basic area's, to lure potential team members to the team. It worked I have some now great team members on board and we get along great so far, hell we even play L4D now together when we aren't modding. :P

The only problem with the current project is because it's got X32I in the name people either think it's the same as the last mod, or they compare it to the last mod.

Yes I probably shouldn't have used X32I but because it's got the same alien planet (only viewed from space this time), it seemed silly to throw away the name. Also this time it's a team of people and not just me on my own so criticism from the team also helps me improve too, and vice versa.

I know I just litteraly wrote a wall of text, but I hope to the people looking forward to Redemption, or people interested in what mistakes you shouldn't make find this somewhat interesting or useful.

I'm not perfect, and I will make mistakes, but like all people we try to learn from them and avoid future mistakes.

So yeah, thanks for reading and hopefully see you next time. :)
David Baron

Why I mod

Why I mod

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whatwhatwhat!?!? Crysis is C++ based? too bad i has a ****** comp. cant wait for screen of X32I

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it can be C++ or lua.

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Henley Staff

DW mate, modding gets easier as you go along. Let me know when your close to release and we will drum up some exposure for you.

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Hi Sir Baron, are you the same Sir baron as on Gametrailers.com? :D Im going into some CryEngine 2 Mapping now and i just wondered if you could help me out with some stuffs.

Just as a comment on the blog update, what do you need done in terms of modding, is it audio modelling or? Cuz im pretty much the noob at Cryengine 2 but i have been along with Unreal engine 3 and i mostly do 100% custom content levels now.

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SirBaron Creator

Yes same SirBaron at gametrailers :p.

The only real requirement I need for X32I is a modeller, because I'm a newbie at modelling, and I don't really have the time to create good looking models/textures as well as the rest of the mod.

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who actually did the redemtion modelings if you are a newbie, because they're great!..

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Hi, you need any music for your mod? :P

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