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I love PC gaming, especially roguelikes and other challenging indie games.

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Shoodex34 @ Dawnstar

It says a lot about a game that makes you miss your $1. Lovely art design and good ideas aren't enough to save this heap of junk. The ship handling is terrible, made worse by the mouse cursor sitting in front of the screen.

On top of that the sound design is laughably bad. The only noise in game is the music and the **** poor weapon sound effect for your ship. No rumbling of engines or enemy fire whizzing past you. Plus the voice acting, as bad as it is, completely disappears out of cut scenes and becomes little silent text prompts you have to read mid battle.

Maybe my version is bugged, out dated? I want to love this game, I really do. Space sims are my favourite genre, and Dawnstar looks beautiful. But it's insanely unfinished to the point of being unplayable.

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Shoodex34 @ The joys of 008

Awh, this update kills the performance on my PC. My computer is trash, so it's my fault, but still a little disappointing. From what I've seen though there's lots of improvements, though I'd like to see that zoom feature come back.

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Shoodex34 @ NEO Scavenger

I just wanted to say I'm in love with NEO Scavenger. I'm a survival roguelikes like UnReal World and have always felt the genre was lacking in comparison to the hack and slash oriented roguelikes. While NEO Scavenger is very different compared to the traditional roguelike, it shares many of it's characteristics.

Namely it's brutality. I want to give a special mention to the combat, it's fantastic. You did an excellent job making combat difficult, exciting, brutal, and rewarding. Often when the battle tips in my favour and I'm bashing a Raider's face in with a saucepan I hit this point where I feel more pity for him than pride in myself, which is excellent. One hundred times so when you acheived this with no graphical representation of the combat at all, it's all just text.

I had a great moment in a fight where I was knocked unconcious just before the enemy fell over and did the same, so we had a good six turns of the both of us "... zzz..."-ing before we both woke up and resumed the fight. Name one other game where that can happen mid combat.

Much love, I hope you are able to do as so many roguelike developers have done and flesh this game out over many years into a monster of content and adventure.

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Shoodex34 @ Oh gosh, Oh gosh, is this FTW or WTFoooo.

I wouldn't worry about it too much, during this time the Free Masons had a lot of control over the American government. Since the Free Masons are really just the Knight's Templar, it's a safe bet you'll be assassinating a lot of American leaders.

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Shoodex34 @ Tomes of Mephistopheles

Dungeons aren't what they used to be, nice to see you guys are bringing back the great huge dungeons of old. Between this and Legend of Grimrock, I'm very excited.

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