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I have spent most of my career working at large companies doing some kind of SDET/Management work. About 3 years ago, I decided to try something new and have spent the last year learning and building mobile apps for a variety of platforms. As a father, I hope to build applications that are kid-friendly, but also appeal to older audiences through good graphic design and good playability. Beyond that, I hope to be able to work on projects covering a wide range of interests. The limit is the imagination!

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Sea Animal City was born out of bedtime stories my son, Sebastian, and I have created with each other over the years. We have both enjoyed spending our free time creating new stories for the different characters on-the-fly, but unfortunately did not write much of anything down. I am hoping to capture and digitize some portion of that experience in the hopes that others will find it a fun and rewarding way to spend time with children and a tablet.

The project is my first medium-scale application effort. I am utilizing the Corona SDK (Coronalabs.com) for this project, as I would like to have a single code base and release on the largest mobile app markets (iTunes for iOS and Google Play/Amazon for Android).

I have also been striving to keep the UX and control elements compatible with OUYA, and a stretch for me is to get it compatible with Xbox and PS controllers. Why? Because it will help me build a framework for handling controllers that I can use in future projects and also because there are mini-games within Sea Animal City that I have found work great on a big screen with a controller.

I still have a lot of content to fill, but the framework is in and running smoothly. I must qualify that by saying I having had any external testing on it yet. I have just now started looking into external testing solutions and am considering TestFlight. I would be grateful for any feedback you have if you are reading this have experience working with TestFlight. I won't start the external testing until I have what I consider to be a "beta" quality build, which is a build with all of the intended features implemented and testable, free of known reproducible crashes. I am hoping to get there by the end of this year, but I probably won't have all of the content in the build by that time. And I think that's just fine, because the mechanics will be the same as the sample content that I will have in the beta build.

I still do have some major work to do to get there though, so I don't have a lot of time to write blog entries.

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