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I am a 3D Generalist who can do characters, props, environment arts, lighting, rigging, rendering, and level design. I use Maya, Zbrush, Mudbox, and Photoshop as my main 3D and 2D softwares.

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First 3D movie completed

shadowofamn Blog

My first project is Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2

My team is responsible for the Chamber of Requirement scene which runs roughly 10 minutes, and personally I only work on 15 second of raw footage, (less after been edited >.<) I feel this movie is way tougher to convert because of the complexity of each scene.

If you have a chance to see the movie in 3D, take a closer look when Harry and Co enter the Chamber of Requirement.


Graduated and Employed

shadowofamn Blog

Officially graduated as of May 25th, 2011 with a 3D modeling for games and animation diploma.

My Demo Reel of 2011 can be view here. www.wingkityu.com
The Reel is build for generalist style displaying different themes and restrictions of work.

Pirates Table - Animations quality with lighting setup, medium to high poly models.
Alligator Shaman - *Next Gen Character (Not this gen anymore, such as for the 360 or PS3) 22k character models with high res maps ( 2x1kmaps, 1x512maps)
Swimmer - Exaggerated Cartoony character with some humor involved.
Abandoned Office - Low poly environment with low texture map and as little as support map.

I will be working on a game character reel for christmas release, anyone that have some cool character concept please PM me. I am happy to make your concept into 3D!!

Currently Employed at Gener8 Digital Media Corp as a Rotamation Artist. (Make Movies into 3D)

Quarter 4 over, Quarter 5 on the way, time goes by fast heh.

shadowofamn Blog 1 comment

So much to say about quarter 4 experience, but I am lazy to type all of them. Reminder to self in the future what happen this quarter.

Storyboard - turn ideas into story, brainstorm, draw them on paper, make it happen rather than keeping at in your head, a fun and knowledge class.

Environment modeling - needed I say more with the result of a very awesome city render, I learn much from a great instructor.

Lighting and Rendering - not much to say but maya software is taught but I WANT MENTAL RAY.

RIgging - another well taught class but rigging is just not for me, a lot of stuff I learned will be forgotten, hopefully not.

Porftolio I - future goal set, direction is clear, system all green, wish there were more stuff to work on tho.

Quarter 5 - most wanted class on top.

3D Modeling II - i am modeling obviously
Preproduction - gonna work on an animation which my buddies and I thought up.
Material and Textures II - i like coloured models
3D effects - fun stuff with dynamics like gravity and stuff blowing up. Not really what I want to go into.
Editing - purely for my demo reels, never thought of being an editor.

Quarter 3 was blast, here we go quarter 4.

shadowofamn Blog

Level Design - was awesome, lot of cool stuff to do with ut3 editor and play testing map in two of the classes. Playing games in classes is the best.

Character modeling - learn alot but too little time to cover what we need to know. Waiting for the other modeling courses after this one.

Life Drawing III - yay, last line of life drawing in this quarter.

Material and texture - lot of cool stuff like skin texture, and eye ball textures.

3D animations - not my major but it was fun, damn my animation sucks.

Quarter 4 courses ------------------

Storyboarding ****
Rigging ***
Environment Modeling *****
CG Lighting and Rendering ****
Portfolio I *****

Christmas is here and it marks the end of Quarter 2!

shadowofamn Blog

3 months had passed and marks are final. Quarter 2 is officially over and Christmas and New Year is upon us. And what is better than post about my progress and keep the memories secure in words, just in case I get bored after I graduated and need some flash back.

Quarter 2 Progress:

Life Drawing II was surprisingly easy and well taught but a new instructor, learning was fun in that class and even the marks were easy to get. Although I am not a real good traditional artist, nor I want to be one, I have to say I am really enjoying this course and happy to improve from it.

3d modeling was a great experience, the scene I made came out good and the instructor was also top notched. A lot of skills and techniques are taught and well presented, but again, like any other courses I wish there were just more time to let it soak into our brain.

Digital Imaging II was no smooth sailing like the first one. The instructor is strict but fair, even thought my mark came out good I feel there was a lot of pressure and stress in this courses. However I am glad my skills live up to it and pull it through.

Sculpture was the most relax and funniest class ever, so relax it is the best class to enjoy some clay fun. But mostly because of the slow paced and relax environment I came out with an average mark but I am happy to be in the class.

Concept art was lot of work, lot of tough critique, despite a bad start and scaring me half to death about my grade, I manage to pull a mediocre grade on it and I am happy I made it out alive. The instructor is very talented but hardcore at marking.

Quarter 3 Begins January 4th, 2010

Level Design - making maps with UE3 or UDK will be fun, it will be cool to make my scene into a real level where I can walk around.

Material and Textures I - finally a class where I will learn to texture with photoshop and get some realism in my models. A course I am looking to get most out of.

3d animation I - Being a modeler don't really require to learn a heck lot of animation but this is an introductory courses taught by a real good instructor.

Life Drawing III - the last of the drawing class and from the same awesome teacher of life drawing II, hoping to get more out of this and make sure I came out with no regret.

Character modeling I - perhaps the most important course I have to work hard on, not only for the marks but for the sake of my career because character artist is now my goal.

And that's about it, until the end of quarter 3.

Term 2 is near.

shadowofamn Blog 1 comment

Progress on Term 1:

Life Drawing I - I actually learn a lot from this course, it is almost like a crash course to drawing human figure and touch a bit animal. Lot of drawing in one class and very very fast pace.

Drawing and Perspective - Learn to draw is one of them, but I didn't improve much. Perspective wise, I learned a lot. This course come in handy when you are drawing background in pictures.

Design and Colour Theory - Lot of theory in this and even have quizzes, colour theory give me more than the design element of this course, I don't think I will ever think about the elements when I model anyway.

Digital Imaging I - aka as photoshop class, the easiest class with the best instructor, learned very little since most I already know but not bad for a refresher, and it give me a confident power up for the next term.

Basic 3D concept - This class is the crash course of maya. Modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering, animation and compiling all in one course. Hard to digest but we get to learn each part slowly later.

Term 2 courses:

Life Drawing II - drawing more human with another teacher, this might be interested.
Concept and Illustration - continue to concept art (I think) after theory class, should be fun.
Digital Imaging II - advance photoshop, I hope I learn more than the first one.
3D modeling I - Finally something I am looking for, fixing my bad habit and should be fun.
Sculpture - play with clay and make my character, course before character modeling.

College starts NOW!!

shadowofamn Blog

So after all the trouble I am now going to my first term with ends on september 20th. Hopefully I will be able to learn as much as I can to cover the costly tuition but I know this is my last 21 months in school. I want to work and make money damn it lol.

First terms course:

Life Drawing I - Learn to draw stuff like human gesture (pretty interested in this)
Drawing and Perspective - Drawing stuff and make sure it is in correct perspective. (Same as above)
Digital Imaging I - Basic Photoshop stuff (should be easy)
Design & Color Theory - Name said it all (Not a fan of color but design is alright)
Basic 3D concept - ...... (Boring lecture)

Applying to an Art Institude

shadowofamn Blog

So finally I am taken a step into 3d modeling career by applying in to a diploma program. The Art Institute of Vancouver has a program that is called 3D modeling for animations and games, Which is pretty professional, and the program starts July 4th, 2009 so I have not much time left, if I do get accepted then I will be on to a brighter future.

As far as my experience for modeling, I haven't touch Maya for awhile, but the school I am going into will be using Maya as the primary tools. But obviously I will not slip away from 3ds max, I will continue to apply new skills and methods to improve my modeling.

With that being said I will post later and hopefully I will be successful in enrollment. Wish me luck.

April 2009, Models Set

shadowofamn Blog

Hi everyone, I just posted all my models done in April and hopefully you can tell I am getting better with 3ds max 2009 as time pass by. I am currently learning mudbox for character modeling and model baking so hopefully I can get some of those to show as well.

I am also slacking off in modeling due to gaming addicting so I am looking forward to taking in new projects. Hopefully that will fill my spare time in.

Another Modeler on site.

shadowofamn Blog

Hi people, I started modeling these weapons on March 1st, 2009 and immediately got hooked on the program 3dsmax 2009, and I also learned how to unwrap UVW for skinners to texture my models =D.

I just uploaded some of my personal models on moddb. I also have other models which are use in mods so if you are interested you can head over to my groups and see from there. Hope you all will like my arts.


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