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My name is Sabatu and I am an avid map and mod creator for Amnesia The Dark Descend. I'm happy to help if I can but I must warn you. I do not allow anyone to use my own maps for their mods. You can check them but not use them for your own mods.-----Furthermore, I would like to invite you to join our humble community, which is the group with the largest number of active mod authors after the Official Frictional Games Discord Server. discord.gg/5TSyABh7Ym

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Hello everyone,

I have some important news that I want to share with you. First, I did decide to create remastered versions of MY mods, such as Madhouse I, II, III + Sanguis the Twin + Blackwater Blasphemy.

Those updated versions will include many new updates, such as story changes, bug fixes, and map improvements. So now I'll specify what exactly I mean:

STORY CHANGES: In Sanguis and Blackwater, I will revisit the whole story and create a new one. With madhouse I, II, III, I will make significant adjustments in the story, especially the diaries.. The story will be almost the same, but I decided to reduce or adjust many notes.

BUG FIXES: In this case, I decided to fix minor and major bugs that the players discovered

MAP IMPROVEMENTS: In this case, I shall change some aspects of my maps, such as daytime, scare events and many more. Some older mods can have better lighting.

Even though I said I will not do that but I think since I am the author, I can do whatever I want with MY mods.

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Amnesia Pandemiac

Amnesia Pandemiac

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Hardened modders from the Amnesia community, united for one purpose. Based on the pressure of the Covid-19 pandemic, develop a cooperation project amongst...

Czech Amnesia Moders

Czech Amnesia Moders

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This is just a small group of Czech developers of mods for Amnesia The Dark Descent / Rebirth and SOMA


You have to move the pink rocks to the cliff nearby and then walk near them until lightning hit them (moving all three close together is the easiest strat).

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