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I came to this place in search of great mods for Amnesia: The Dark Descent. I've played through quite a few, and I started to think, "Hey, if people can be creative and make great mods, why can't I?"

So this would require learning to use the HPL2 engine, yes? Seems easy enough, except for the fact that the engine, once opened, refuses to respond to the "Quit" and "Save" commands in the File dropdown. Also, the window is far too large; only half of it appears on my screen at a time. I have to drag it around to get to the other areas. And there's buttons below the four viewpoint windows that I can't get to at all. Is there any way I can fix all of this?

Now moving on, I've already started to think up a name and plot for an Amnesia custom story. I call it Purgatorium (name is a working title subject to change); a trilogy oc CS's that centers around a man named Joseph...

(Also FYI I'm not trying to shove Christianity onto anybody.)


Joseph is a ordinary man with an ordinary life, with a beloved wife and two children, and a well-paying job as a surgeon. Joseph, however, is not a Christian man; he lives by logic and scientific reasoning, not faith; he is a doctor after all. His wife, Sandra, is a God-fearing woman, and not a day goes by where she pleads with her husband to give his life to God, to come to church with her and the kids on Sundays, to take a few minutes out of his day to pray and give thanks before it's too late. Joseph loves Sandra dearly, yet he tells her the same thing everytime; "I just don't see any proof of a God."

Then one rainy night, it happens; Joseph is driving home from work. A mortally wounded man had come into the ER, and, like all good surgeons, Joseph put him under anesthesia and tried his best to save the poor fellow's life. Unfortunately, the man was beyond the reach of modern medicine. Just before he perished on the operating table, he inexplicably opened his eyes and looked at Joseph.

"Can you prove your devotion...by surviving Purgatory?"

The nameless man then died, leaving Joseph in a wordless shock. As he drove home, he mulled over the words the man had spoken;

What did he mean, "proving my devotion"? What was Purgatorium?

Distracted, Joseph did not see the large fuel tanker that had lost control on the rain-slicked streets and was currently sliding towards his car at a frightening speed. The crash was horrific, with Joseph's body mangled beyond recognition. He had perished immediately.

And this is where his story begins...


Currently working on: a story script (not a script for the game itself, sadly, but a script for the plot of the CS).

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