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Being a gamer in Brazil

rytsan Blog

It was very dificult to play games in Brazil, if you wanted to play legally. When i was a child i played very little original games, because or it is very expensive to purchase a game, or simply there was nowhere to buy it. I risk to say that digital distribution resolved some of the issues, and created others...

It's worse if you consider console games, they prices are sometime not reasonable. The most recent event that outraged us brazilians, the PS4 for 4000 R$, or 1800~U$. I can garantee the brazilian's government is not only to blame, and sure we not deserve such treatment.

The only think i know is that Brazil has a great potential market.

I know that some of the "players" here doesn't know how to play with "manners" in online games especially free to play games. But i just think our players has not matured yet to play appropriately.
All i can do is to think positive, because as far as i concern "we are no monkey".

(sorry english mispellings)

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