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JC's Quest On Hiatus

RobirdsBros Blog

My demo got amazing feedback but due to my computer dying, I have to restart from scratch which I don't really want to so I'm putting that project on hiatus while I work on another one. The game will be a story based detective story set in a fusion of modern and Victorian era world where you play as a detective with a rough past trying to fix the wrongs he did. This one is coming along much better than my previous game. Can't wait to release a demo!

JC's Quest Demo UPDATE

RobirdsBros Blog

After some testers showed some problems, I fixed the issues such as you can now go to the actual ending of the game, you can actually get hurt by enemies and enemies have more health, and certain other things that needed fixing. I also added a new main menu and text boxes to keep the game from looking less generic. And finally, I added the Mac/Linux. Go HERE to check out the newly updated game.MenuArt 1

Demo For New Game

RobirdsBros Blog

Using RPGBoss, I have created a demo for the game I am currently making. If you are curious, click HERE to check it out. I hope you all enjoy it :) MenuArt

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