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Hi I am a developer of video games and apps for Android and windows, hopefully soon for mac as well, I've been making video games for fun for about 14 years, and in February 2015 decided to get serious and started Roadhammer Gaming, a company aimed at producing video games and software for a fair amount of platforms. Future plans are to open a unique 3d immersed gaming facility, set up kind of like laser tag or paintball crossed with startrek's Holodeck to be open for business based on a set fee for a set amount of game play time. I am currently the owner and sole employee of my company. In my spare time I like hiking, motorsports, the beach, horror movies, sci fi movies and rpg style video games.

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The Mana Well is now under development, targeting windows and android.

You can see all dev logs for this project here from first dev log posted to the most recent:

1. Roadhammergaming.itch.io
2. Roadhammergaming.itch.io
3. Roadhammergaming.itch.io
4. Roadhammergaming.itch.io
5. Roadhammergaming.itch.io
6. Roadhammergaming.itch.io
7. Roadhammergaming.itch.io
8. Roadhammergaming.itch.io
9. Roadhammergaming.itch.io
Please visit The Manna Well Homepage on itch.io‚Äč
This game is an illusional fantasy action rpg / visual novel about the player getting sucked into a book and becoming the playing character.
In the world of Garnas there has never been any record of magic use, but your unexplained arrival there heralds in a new era, one of magic, and you are unknowingly paving the way.

The game is now, after 7 months, finally nearing completion, possibly 1 or 2 more months to go!!

The game has controller support and you can
download The Manna Well for Android
download The Manna Well for Windows 8+
download The Manna Well for Windows 98,
or download either one directly from
The Manna Well page on itch.io.
You can also visit the
The Manna Well homepage on my website

Arrow keys, W, A, S, D keys / D pad - move player, navigate menus, adjust volume + on screen game pad alpha
Z key / A button - Attack, select for things in menus
X key / X button - Use equipped magic
V key / B button - Use equipped item
C key / Y button - bring up the menu

Any feedback on the game is welcome

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Tom Traggis

Tom Traggis

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Hi I am a developer of video games and apps for Android and windows, hopefully soon for mac as well, I've been making video games for fun for about 14...

RoadhammerGaming Creator

Hello from Roadhammer Gaming! I'm currently working on a graphics app called Mergery, it's aimed at game developers graphics development mainly, but it has cool stuff for everyone! when finished I'm releasing it for Android and Windows. Here's a list of Mergery's features:

1. Load a background and a foreground image, with an option to switch which is which on the fly

2. Ability to turn the background on or off

3. Button style interface

4. Ability to edit either image

5 Effects menu with 8 main effects and several sub-effects + settings for canvas color and stamp effect

6. Ability to drag either image for positioning

7. Ability to save background or foreground or both background and foreground

8. Animated .PNG player capable of pause, play, step through each sub image with image # counter, increase/decrease speed with %age display

For the complete list of effects and what they do see Mergery's HOME PAGE

this is my first post about Mergery so I will be adding content and blogs soon, The project itself is 80 - 90% done, just working on the save options and screen vs objects scaling to properly work on Android!! The windows version was a breeze to make, I could probably release that version in a couple of days.

Here's a short video showing 3 of the line draw settings:
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/_Kqp9-vSh2Q" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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RoadhammerGaming Creator

<a href="https://www.indiedb.com/games/rhg-timecard" title="View Rhg Timecard on Indie DB" target="_blank"><img src="https://button.indiedb.com/popularity/medium/games/53776.png" alt="Rhg Timecard" /></a>

Self employed? Have a small buisiness and need a way to track your hours and your employees's hours? Rhg Timecard is the way to go!

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