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Version Control

rgkimball Blog

So today I got some awesome things set up that you should check out. First one is Subversion. I've known about this for a while since both LTA uses it and 0 A.D. uses it, but I finally figured out that we needed it for the Roman Legion.

I'd suggest that any team sets up a repository to house screenshots and scenarios. You wouldn't need nearly as large of a database as we've got, but head on over to Assembla.com and create an account! Since I'm not smart enough to set up Subversion on the PDS server, we used assembla. 500 MB per project and for free? I thought they were just trying to get me to give up some cash, but it is really free. The only downside is that it purges old files, so make sure you keep up to date with stuff. I uploaded 105 MB worth of Roman Legion content in less than 20 minutes!

The place manages Trac (Subversion integrated into a project management system with tickets and milestones), Chat, Members, files, Mercurial (another version-control option), a Wiki and other cool project management features that would be useful to any team.

The problem is the deadline of the Merry Christmas Mod. In 7 days, that thing has got to be ready to release, and I've got a million textures and lines of code to finish before that can happen. We're planning to have it ready to release on the 22nd, with the debut on the 25th. Look forward to that. :)

On top of all of this, there's homework.. ugh. I've got like 150 pages of Biology slides to read (literally), 5 history assignments, 7 geometry assignments, a photography project and then some other stuff too. Lame.

But good news, I'm seeing Van Halen tomorrow night! Wooo!

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