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Hello, I'm the developer of Ruins of Rydos. I've worked in the Game Industry for about three years now as a Quality Assurance Analyst. Projects I've worked on: Disney Think Fast! (PS2, Wii) (US/Europe) // HSM Sing It! (PS2, PC) (US/Europe) // Hannah Montana The Movie Game (Wii) (US) // G-Force (PSP) (US/Europe) // Disney Sing It! Pop Hits (Wii) (US) // God of War: Collection (PS3) (US/Japan/Europe) // God of War 3 (PS3) (US) // Toy Story 3 (XB360, PS3) (US/Europe) // Epic Mickey (Wii) (US) // Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (PS3) (Multiplayer) (US)

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It has been a hectic week. Past few days have had me working an insane amount of hours at work. Fortunately, I've still managed to get some work done on my project! During the time since my last post I've worked on a handful of story scenes that have various ways of playing out. The results are ultimately the same, but the dialogue that takes place and how the characters react to the situation are determined by the player's choices and progress. It's been a lot of fun to explore the characters and see how they interact.

However, despite this, I still have a bit to go until I've completed the Beta Demo. Recoloring the assets used with the NES template, writing the scene for the Ogre boss encounter, writing out some more story oriented things (which I still want to keep somewhat secret until after the demo is released and you folks discover them for yourselves), and finally... Testing, testing, testing! I'm dealing with the most time consuming activities now (the story writing) and saving the quick parts (recolors) for last. Testing... well testing will either be really swift and painless or time consuming and frustrating. Some mix of the two are the most likely.

I'm so close to finishing, yet I've still got quite a handful to work on. Still, all of this work will pay off when it's in your guys hands and you let me know what you think (and how I can improve!)

Stay tuned.

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